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Anthem Off-Road Equalizer Gloss Black 18x9 0 $1159.12

Anthem Off-Road Equalizer Gloss Black 18x9 0mm

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T 35x12.50R18LT (Load E) $1229.40

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Wheel Specs

Brand: Anthem Off-Road
Model: Equalizer
Part Number: A753189082050D

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Wheel Finish: Gloss Black
Backspacing: 5
Bolt Pattern: 8x180
Wheel Diameter: 18
Wheel Width: 9
Hub Bore: 125.50
Load Rating: 3600
Wheel Exposed Lugs: No
Wheel Material: Alloy
Wheel Structure: One Piece
Wheel Spoke Number: 7

Tire Specs

Brand: Venom Power
Model: Terra Hunter X/T
Size: 35x12.50R18LT
Inventory Number: TVPXT14

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Aspect Ratio: 12.5
Inflated Diameter: 35
Inflated Width: 12.5
Load Index: 123
Load Range: E
Ply: 10
Section Width: 35
Service Description: 123R
Sidewall: BSW
Speed Index: R
Tire Rim Diameter: 18
Tire Type: Hybrid AT/MT
Weight: 72.51 lbs
Warranty: 50K mileage warranty

About The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer

These Anthem Off-Road Equalizer wheels feature a Gloss Black finish and are sure to make your ride stand out! This particular wheel setup is in 18x9 with a 0 offset. The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer is a One Piece Alloy wheel that features hidden lugs. These beautiful 7 spoke wheels are available in a 8x180 configuration and will be sure to elevate the look of your vehicle build!

About The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

Drive with confidence with these Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Hybrid AT/MT tires. This specific set of tires comes in a 35x12.50R18LT configuration with a R speed index and a load rating of 123. Tires are the only thing that connect your vehicle to the ground and keep you safe while you're on the road. Make sure your next set is one you can trust. The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T are built to ensure you get where you need to go; safely. Hosting a 50K warranty, these Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T tires are built to handle your lifestyle.

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Product Reviews (96)

3.83 out of 5 Stars Overall 96


Reviewed on 03-23-2021

2014 Toyota Tundra 4WD

By Erik

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T is an awesome tire for the price. It has a good pattern and looks more like an MT instead of an X/T. Road noise is the same at 35mph and 75 mph. I’m completely satisfied with this tire on my Tundra.

venom power tires

Reviewed on 03-26-2021

2003 Toyota Tacoma RWD

By Mark Jolly

My son loves them!


Reviewed on 03-26-2021

2005 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD

By Lane

They look great on my truck!

Venom x/ts

Reviewed on 03-29-2021

2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD

By Kyle

Little bumpy with some road noise, but damn do they look good!! Also go standard weights vs beads in 33s... got rid of a LOT of vibration


Reviewed on 03-29-2021

2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Rickey Ketchum

Haven’t had had time to have them but on yet but nice tires for the price when I get them put on I will send pictures

Venom Power - Terra Hunter X/T 35/12.5/18

Reviewed on 04-05-2021

2019 Ram 2500 4WD

By Duncan

Just put these on yesterday, so this is just my first impressions. The tread pattern looks a lot like BFG All Terrain, they raised my ground clearance by a full inch. I went with the balancing beads, which I’ve never tried before.

Fantastic !!!

Reviewed on 04-07-2021

2019 Ram 1500 RWD

By Ronie Featherstone

Perfect fit for my truck.

Tires review

Reviewed on 04-16-2021

2008 Ford F-150 4WD

By Brandon

Not to loud on the road all in all I think it’s a great tire for the price

Venom Power Hunter

Reviewed on 04-16-2021

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Steve

Tires showed up mounted and balanced in less than 2 weeks from when I placed my order. Tires feel more stable and more quiet than my last set of different brand hybrid tires.

Good looking tires!

Reviewed on 04-16-2021

2020 Ram 1500 4WD

By Josh

Love how aggressive these look and they ride like a dream!

rides amazing

Reviewed on 04-23-2021

2006 Ford F-150 4WD

By landon

Rides smooth while looking great

Great look questionable quality

Reviewed on 05-06-2021

2014 Ram 1500 4WD

By Anonymous

The tire has the perfect tread and sidewall. Low road noise. Good ride. BUT... Two of the four tires are way out of spec for run-out. We'll see how the venom warranty team handles the issue. Custom offsets has been great but overall I would not recommend this tire without the benefit of an actual physical location to back the product. I've had the tires two weeks and the vibration is so bad I literally have stopped driving my truck. Its terrible.

Great looking. Very loud.

Reviewed on 05-06-2021

2019 Ram 2500 4WD

By Adam

Way louder than I expected. Most reviews said they had some noise but I didn’t expect them to sound like a tornado siren winding up when getting up to speed.

Awesome Rims and Tires

Reviewed on 05-07-2021

2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Nick LaConte

Love the way the rims and tires look on my ride. They are awesome.

Venom power tires

Reviewed on 05-10-2021

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Thomas

Look good on truck ride good not to much road noise

Great Budget Hybrid Tire!

Reviewed on 06-10-2021

2009 Ford F-150 4WD

By Micah

Personally, I have had nothing but good things to say about the Terra Hunter X/T! I have these mounted on 22x12 -51 wheels. The road noise is very minor compared to mud terrain tires, and even some comparable hybrid tires of more expensive lineage. The look being similar to the BFG All Terrain, yet FAR more aggressive, hits the look I was going for perfectly. I've used these tires for around 10,000 miles so far with no issues and plenty of tread life to go. These are also fairly good in slick/snowy conditions, as well as having great grip off-road. One of the best budget all-around tires for the people who use their truck for everything!

Bad tread life

Reviewed on 06-18-2021

2016 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By collin

I have 8k on the tires and I'm at half tread already and they vibrate crazy bad.

Worst tires I have ever owned .

Reviewed on 07-26-2021

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Jason Maples

Tires will not balance and ride horrible . You are wasting money and time trying to balance these tires. You’re better off spending the extra money on a proven higher quality tire.

33x12.50R20LT Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Hybrid AT/MT

Reviewed on 09-07-2021

2015 Ford F-150 4WD

By Bobby Price

These tires are from a Chinese tire company and are absolutely horrible. They were shipped to me not balanced, spent almost $300 on Force Road Balance and they are still CRAP. Good luck dealing with warranty on these tires. Save yourself the headache and buy another brand.


Reviewed on 08-04-2021

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

By C.jr

TRASH! They will NOT balance & I spent good money.

Worst tires ever

Reviewed on 08-11-2021

2013 Ram 1500 RWD

By Oscar melendez

These tires suck so much, they vibrate like crazy when you hit 60 mph dont bother trying to get them balanced they will still vibrate like crazy especially with my truck being on a 6 inch lift can barely drive on the highway due to the vibration . Nothing but cheap Chinese tires

Terrible Vibration

Reviewed on 08-17-2021

2021 Ram 1500 4WD

By Connor

Bought these tires based on the competitive price and I really regret it. I've had to get them balanced again and it still doesn't help. My recommendation for anyone looking at getting these is to save your money in the long run by getting better tires.


Reviewed on 08-18-2021

2021 Ram 2500 4WD

By Casey

Save yourself time, money, $, and a head ache. They will not hold up to real life work. If your mall crawling or straight truck shows than it’s perfect. You need to spend the extra money for beads or bags to help balance.Louder than any Toyo or Nitto mt tire I’ve ever ran. After 5k miles, the wires are showing on the rear tires. 4500 miles where loaded with gooseneck flatbed trailer. Only allowed to haul 10k lbs The “Warranty” is a joke. They claim alignment issue, so I have to pay $180-$200 for an alignment. It’s a 2021 ram 2500 bought new 1 month prior to install. Truck is stock. And to top it off, I hit a pothole on I-55 and busted 1 rear wheel. Now it has to be replaced. Worst $4k I’ve ever invested. I need 1 wheel and 4 tires in 5 wks


Reviewed on 08-26-2021

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Mitchell

Custom offsets assured me after calling them that if i had them mount and balance the wheels and tires that they would make sure i didnt get a bad tire that wouldnt balance like alot of these reviews. So i did. They balanced them but they shake like a wagon on the highway. They were not ROAD FORCE BALANCED as they should have been going on a 3/4 ton truck. Worst tires out there. Yeah they look cool but truck shakes visously over 40mph. TERRIBLE


Reviewed on 09-03-2021

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

By Tyler

I wish I could give 0 stars. They are TERRIBLE! Do not even thing about buying these tires. They bounce like crazy, and they absolutely will not balance. I literally can not even drive my truck with my kids in it because it bounces so much. I honestly would think Custom Offset would step in and help since they pushed this tire when I was in the market. Never again, I am now having to go buy new tire AGAIN since these are absolutely garbage and NO ONE is doing anything about it.


Reviewed on 09-08-2021

2019 Ram 1500 Classic RWD

By Anthony

Bought the tires a month ago. Gotten tires road force balanced multiple times. Vibration is crazy at 60mph to 70mph. Not worth the money I highly recommend not buying these tires.

Hit and miss

Reviewed on 09-21-2021

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Jaron

Ordered a set of these and never could get them balanced after multiple shops and even buying another new tire I eventually had to take them off and buy a different set due to the terrible shake between 60-70MPH. New tires fixed everything.

Not happy

Reviewed on 09-30-2021

2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD

By Dalton Peters

Have had these rebalanced twice and they still don’t balance causing a wild shake in my truck.

Best Tires Ever!

Reviewed on 10-11-2021

2019 Ford F-150 4WD

By Robert Helms

I love these tires. I have never felt more comfortable on the road until I threw these on. A very satisfied customer!

Awesome Tires

Reviewed on 10-11-2021

2019 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Alex Schneider

High recommend.

Tire35xl2 .50 R18LT

Reviewed on 10-11-2021

2017 Ram 2500 4WD

By Arturo

Cuanto tienpo tarda

15k mile update

Reviewed on 10-13-2021

2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD

By Ryan

Have had these about a year and a half and are just about down to the wear bars already. When I got the tires mounted the shop used standard stick on balancing weights which was fine at first but a couple months in I noticed the tires started vibrating more at highway speeds. I then added 8 ounces of balancing beads to each tire, seemed to help but didn’t fix it completely. Since new have rotated the tires correctly every 2-3 thousand miles but the tires have worn horribly. The center of the tires still have probably 60% tread but the shoulders of the tires are almost down to the wear bars. They’ve always been inflated to recommended pressure and I don’t have alignment issues. I’ll be lucky to get 25k miles out of this set. So much for 50k

Aggressive All terrain

Reviewed on 10-18-2021

2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Jason

These tires are pretty sweet. They balanced well and ride smooth with moderate howl. They handed my first Texas monster rainstorm flawlessly. My local tire shop never saw them before and liked the hybrid look of them. Because they aren’t on his approved list, I couldn’t get a hazard warranty for them. That could be reason to not get them again.

Great tire

Reviewed on 10-20-2021

2013 Ford F-150 4WD

By Kade

Look good, Ride good, Priced good, and not to loud on the road. Overall great tire!

VENOM POWER 33*12.50R20

Reviewed on 10-22-2021

2018 Ram 2500 4WD


Great product. Definately love it.


Reviewed on 10-26-2021

2019 Ford F-150 4WD


Great look, great tire, good price. Love it


Reviewed on 10-28-2021

2008 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD

By Dalton

Bought these and they were not balancing right. Truck has a violent shake and bounce Sd had me rebalance them at a shop when the shop said they were all out of round. One wheel has 9oz of weight on them. They need all sorts of info to start the warranty which was provided weeks ago. Now venom wants pictures of the barcode from the tires behind the lip of the wheels which can’t be done without unmounting the tires from the wheels. It’s almost as if they’re trying to make it impossible so they don’t have to warranty their junk tires. Save yourself the headache and steer clear of these tires.

Worst tires ever!

Reviewed on 10-29-2021

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Matt Rayburn

It’s hard to even give a 1 star review! I’ve received 2 sets of these tire and all of them are out of round. The inconvenience of this resulted in having scratches and gouges in my wheels because of the repetitive balancing. By far the crappiest tires ever!

Great tires

Reviewed on 11-04-2021

2005 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

By Collin

These tires mounted and balanced great for me and really helped to improve the look of my truck. There isn’t really any road noise and they ride very smooth.

Terra “Hunter” xt

Reviewed on 11-10-2021

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Cameron

This is the first time I purchased tires from this company. I was extremely disappointed with the Venom Power tires I received. I was looking for a reliable product for my truck. These tires did not meet the criteria I paid for. Here are a few reasons these tires are not well made. The side walls of these tires was poorly made and didn’t withstand what they are made for. The tire noise was very loud just like mud tires. When they should be lesser of a noise inconvenience then a mud tire. My tires also have a warranty on them and when I emailed this company several times I have yet to receive a response. This is very unprofessional to offer a service like this and not commit to your own policy. I would like Custom Offsets to help me out.

Poor Quality

Reviewed on 11-15-2021

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Classic 4WD

By Alex

I ordered these tires in March 2021, had them installed April 21st and did an alignment for the new tires. Half the wheel weights fell off between receiving the delivery and the installation prompting me to have it redone several times (since as it never seemed to be balanced) and today while trying yet again to fix this, I find out the tires are no good. The tire tech shows me on the machine that the tire tread is separated, and that the tires are no good. The tires are supposed to be warrantied up to 50k, I have less than 6k on them. I am interested to see how the company responds to this, will update after that engagement.

love itt

Reviewed on 11-16-2021

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By mark duthu jr

reall good ride on my 2021 Lt Custom Trailboss i lovee itt. i posted my truck to yall gallery but never seen it pop up.

Good low priced tires

Reviewed on 11-16-2021

2012 Toyota Tundra 4WD

By Aaron

Great tires at a great price


Reviewed on 11-19-2021

2021 Ford F-150 4WD

By Alex

These tires are GARBAGE but I'm even more upset with my salesman who swore over the phone how great they were and how he's sold thousands of sets. These tires VERY NOISEY. They sound like a small engine plane taking off and only get louder and louder the faster you go. To make matters even worse, my salesman disappeared on me. Completely blew me off after I told him I hated these tires. I called customer service and they said I was "stuck with them". Lessoned learned. I will NEVER buy tires online again. Go to local Discount Tire store and buy tires there. If you don't like a tire, they'll take it back no questions asked and you can try something else. I got screwed on this deal. F-

Venom power Terra Hunter

Reviewed on 11-22-2021

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Kim

X/T 33 x 12.50R22LT


Reviewed on 11-22-2021

2000 Toyota 4Runner RWD

By Dalton Meadows

The tires were wonderful. Great shipping time & also great product. Only downfall is I haven’t gotten my decal/sticker for the second time in 3 years. As all people know, decals make the product.

Tires are grrrrrrrrrreat

Reviewed on 11-22-2021

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Andrew

I love my tires got them in a couple days I'm about to put some RBG lights on my truck sick.

Love them

Reviewed on 11-30-2021

2014 Ram 2500 4WD

By Mike

Love them and the price was right. Shipping took awhile but this covid crap causes that. Thanks guys

Trash Tires

Reviewed on 12-08-2021

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Anonymous

Honestly would not buy again. Tires bounce/vibrate my truck like an adult toy going to town from 45mph-50 I didn’t believe other reviews about that but don’t make the mistake we did. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES

Trash tires

Reviewed on 12-08-2021

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Tristen

Trash tires do not buy they vibrate more than a sex toy between 45-50 mph. I didn’t believe other reviews but save yourself and buy better tires.


Reviewed on 12-08-2021

2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By kevin

love my venoms for the silverado

Nice tire

Reviewed on 12-08-2021

2021 Ram 2500 4WD

By Mike

Was worried how loud they would be. Not bad at all. Same noise at 20mph or 80mph. Haven’t got stuck yet either. Let’s see how long they last.

Great tires

Reviewed on 12-09-2021

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By A.J.

They have great tread and look perfect on my wheels and aren’t too loud!

Venom Power Terra Hunter XT

Reviewed on 12-13-2021

2021 Jeep Gladiator High Altitude

By Mitch Burns

So far they are great tires. I had too much air in them at first but now they are better.

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T 33x12.50R20LT

Reviewed on 12-14-2021

2008 Ford F-150 4WD

By Scott Becker

Ride quality is great. Noise is the same at 10mph as 85mph

Amazing value!

Reviewed on 12-14-2021

2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Ryan

I paid $1,300 for 37x13.50R22. I had Toyo MT on the truck and didn’t want to fork out another $2,600.I was a little skeptical at first with the low price thinking they would be garbage. I installed today, and they are amazing!!! My truck rides 1,000x smoother that the toyos, and they are actually fairly quiet! I will definitely be recommending these to everyone, and will be buying a new set when these are up! We’ll just have to see how long they last! But if you’re hesitant like me, don’t be, you will be happy with the quality, and the price!!!

Awesome tires

Reviewed on 12-20-2021

2017 Ram 2500 4WD

By Stephen Young

Excellent road handling and smooth ride

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

Reviewed on 12-28-2021

2006 Toyota Tacoma 4WD

By Ethan

I’ve had these in 285/75R16 and 33x12.50R18 and they have done great 10/10 recommend and they look nice too

19 ram 2500

Reviewed on 12-28-2021

2019 Ram 2500 4WD

By Cody

Great wheels and tires, they look great and perform very well. With this offset I definitely had to do some trimming but other than than very happy with the build so far! Big shout out to custom offsets for helping me stay on budget and get quality products.


Reviewed on 12-28-2021

2021 Ram 2500 4WD

By Wesley


Nice tires

Reviewed on 12-30-2021

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Steven

Tires are great, they have a little hum when going down the road. Not annoying, almost mesmerizing. Great job on customer service end, keep up the good work. Thanks Steven

Venom tires

Reviewed on 12-30-2021

2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Dave Witters

I love the way these tires look on my rims.the outer tread is a perfect lifted height on the sidewall.would have given them a 5 star but the side tread weather on drivers side or passenger sidego es in opposite

Venom tires

Reviewed on 12-30-2021

2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Dave Witters

The side wall tread goes in opposite directions from drivers side to passenger no matter how there mounted on rim.otherwise good looking tire .would gave 5 star if both sides of my truck matched on side wall tread pattern.

Good Tires

Reviewed on 12-31-2021

2016 Ram 1500 4WD

By Kenneth

Needed some tires that were affordable since it was Christmas time. Great price, ride just as smooth and low noise just like the expensive ones I replaced

Great item at a good price

Reviewed on 01-06-2022

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By John Rangel

So far I am 5000 miles in on these tires...it's winter and they handle well. You can go one size up no problem on a new Chevy without a lift. They do have a hum at any speed. At highway speed it is (for me) a relaxing "truck" him. There is still a few new tire "nubs" on the ttead which leads me to believe I may get the 50,000 miles out of them. For the price I can live with the hum sound. If you are sensitive just get the koa tires.

Sound and look amazing

Reviewed on 01-07-2022

2017 Ram 1500 4WD

By Johnathan Jahr

I matched these tires with an 18-10 with a -24 offset. And they look great. These were reasonably priced and while I never heard of the brand I don’t regret getting them. They look very aggressive and the road noise you get with them matches. The sound isn’t so loud that you’ll hear them over the radio. Turn of the radio and hear them roar. Mixed with a good sounding exhaust and I swear you’ll forget you even had a radio. Haven’t done any major off roading with them yet but they have shined in the little I have done.

Too soft

Reviewed on 01-10-2022

1999 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD

By Ty

The tires are almost wore down after only driving on them for about 7 months of the year. Too soft for larger vehicles

Ballistic 20x12

Reviewed on 01-24-2022

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Clint

Love these wheels . Had the same set on another f250 older tho … it was and this one is my daily. Highly recommend

Second set of these tires speedy delivery will use again

Reviewed on 01-26-2022

2008 Toyota 4Runner 4WD

By Shane

Second set I've gotten two different vehicles both I really like them on. And great service from coustom offset

No problems

Reviewed on 01-28-2022

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

By Jesse

I put these on a few weeks ago, threw 4oz of beads in each and they run 70 without the slightest vibration. Haven't had them in to much weather yet but so far they haven't disappointed. Bug bang for your buck

Venom Tires

Reviewed on 02-07-2022

2016 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD

By Layton

1/10. Tires are junk. For an A\T they are very loud on the road, and wear horrible had about 8k miles on them and they started coming apart by the chunks.


Reviewed on 02-24-2022

2018 GMC Sierra 1500 4WD

By Chad

Tires are smooth riding but very noisy on the highway.

Good tires at a great price.

Reviewed on 02-24-2022

2021 Ram 1500 4WD


These are good all-weather tires for sure. Reasonable tread pattern for the street and pretty quiet. Only issue was I bought tires & wheels together. They were installed and balanced, then shipped. 3 tires were approximately correct air pressure, One, was over 100 psi!! Other than that, no problems.

Good brand

Reviewed on 02-24-2022

2020 Ram 2500 4WD

By Jack

Rides very smooth and very quiet

Good quality

Reviewed on 02-24-2022

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4WD

By Brian

Quick delivery. Good fit and a nice looking tire

Great looking tires

Reviewed on 02-28-2022

2012 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD

By James

Worth every penny so far

Good tires

Reviewed on 02-28-2022

2022 Ram 1500 4WD

By Rigo

For the price you pay, they are good tires. Little road noise but smooth over all

33x12.50R20LT Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Hybrid AT/MT

Reviewed on 03-02-2022

2015 Ram 1500 RWD

By Steve

Ordered these to wrap on a set of 20x12 -51 hardrock destroyers and initially had balance beads and couldn’t stand the vibration when at highway speeds. Ended up having to take the beads out and got them road force balanced and have been loving them since then!

Awesome tires

Reviewed on 03-09-2022

2016 Ford F-150 4WD

By Angel

They have an aggressive look still and aren’t so loud and drive great.

Need front end lift

Reviewed on 03-09-2022

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Reney

Love the tires. They're a little bigger than I thought. Front tires rub in sharp turns in reverse. A front end lift should fix the problem. Happy with purchase.

Venom Tires

Reviewed on 03-10-2022

2013 Ram 1500 4WD

By Alan Gunter

I gave this tire a 4/5 start simply because I am comparing them to a superior tire, the Nitto ridge grapplers. Now, these are louder, but I’m not sure if it’s because they are wider than my Nittos, so they cover more pavement, or if they’re just louder in general. You can’t beat the mileage warranty, so I’m sure I’ll be used to them by the time that warranty is up. Other than this, they look aggressive, and kind of remind me of the BFgoodich all terrain tires.

Venom Tires

Reviewed on 03-10-2022

2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport


Aggressive looking tire, exact look I was going for

Tough looking tire!

Reviewed on 03-14-2022

2007 Ford F-150 4WD

By Randy

Love the look of these tires!

A great tire!!!

Reviewed on 03-21-2022

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Kurtis

I just got these put on my truck this week and I love them already. Very quiet compared to the furies I had on before and they also have a great looking tread pattern. Highly recommended!!!

Quick wear

Reviewed on 03-25-2022

2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Dylan

Had these on for 9 months and 20k miles. They are already at 3/32 on all 4 tires. Normal driving habits.

Terra Hunter XT

Reviewed on 03-29-2022

2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Daniel

Had these tires on for a few weeks now and they are great. I love the way these tires look on my truck and they ride great. Road noise isn’t terrible either, louder than a standard A/T but not as loud as a M/T. Also custom offsets was a great company to work with. Their customer service is fantastic and I got my tires quickly.

Terrible, no warranty

Reviewed on 04-12-2022

2014 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD

By Dylan

Driven 20k already less than 3/32. Manufacturer won’t honor 50k warranty because I rotate my tires every oil change and don’t have shop receipts

20k miles in tires are toast

Reviewed on 05-05-2022

2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD 4WD

By Ryan

Worst tires I’ve ever owned, the outside shoulders of the tires are on the wear bars and the middle of the tire has 50% tread. I rotate them every 4-5k miles and they are at the correct psi. Not to mention they didn’t balance when they were brand new. Thought the shop I had put them on did a shitty job balancing them so I put balancing beads in them. Did nothing. Only thing good about them is they look decent.

Okay Tires

Reviewed on 05-17-2022

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Michael Schnell

Tires are okay. Had to do minor trimming to make fit. Road noise is okay, nothing unbearable. They do shake the truck at times with speeds of 55+ mph. Seems to be hit or miss and no rhyme or reason for the shake. Curious to see how long they last. Look is great, though. Recommend spending the extra money on a more known tire. Happy with purchase at this time.

Great tires very minimal noise @35 mph +

Reviewed on 05-31-2022

2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 RWD

By Ruben O

Great look and smooth Ride ,I highly recommend these. Way less noise from these compared to the Nitto grapplers

God awful

Reviewed on 06-01-2022

2018 Ram 1500 4WD

By Kevin

This tires WILL NOT BALANCE. It is embarrassing to have somebody ride passenger because the ride is so bad. The only thing they have going for them is they are wuiet in the cab. But damn it feels like my truck is hopping down the highway.

Pretty good

Reviewed on 06-15-2022

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Wojtek

Tires look great, perform very well too. Only reason for 4 stars is because even after an alignment there is vibration around 80mph, very slight but definitely noticeable. Also a lot louder compared to my buddies nitto grapplers.


Reviewed on 07-26-2022

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 RWD

By Joel

This is my 1st set of hybrid tires and man or me tell you these tires are the bomb.com!!! Man they have the look, the ride and the comfort that I wanted!! The price point was on point and they balance out dead on, no vibration low tire noise and they look sweet!!! Very happy with my purchase!!

Horrible tires

Reviewed on 07-26-2022

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Laz

Wow! How do I start this! Do not buy this tires !!! They are crap!!! I bought a set and two of them were out of round that would my truck shake soo bad that I couldn’t go over 65!! Started a claim for a manufacturer warranty and it was declined because the numbers of the machine were within the range !!! How the hell is that normal!!! When I can’t even drive the truck! Now I have two new tires because I can’t even drive my truck!

Horrible tires

Reviewed on 07-26-2022

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD

By Laz

Do not buy this crap tires. Because the warranty won’t cover if they are out of round and they will be for sure !!!!


Reviewed on 09-09-2022

2016 Ford F-150 4WD

By Nick

When I first got them there were not circle they were balanced twice and still couldn’t balance out coke to find out there was a flat spot in all of them not impressed

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