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5 Reasons To Buy From Anthem Off-Road

July 26, 2021

Preparing your truck to handle all the adventures you’ve got planned can be a lot of work. However, we know that as an outdoor truck enthusiast, there’s nothing more important than getting your build right for life off the beaten path. It doesn’t have to be hard though, we’re here with a simplified solution to make the process easier. Here are five reasons why you should bundle your wheels and tires into a package with Anthem Off-Road for your next purchase.





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2007 dodge ram 1500 anthem off-road equalizer wheels


We Offer as Low as 0% APR Financing 

Sometimes funding the hunting trip is the top priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your build before you go. Now through Affirm, you can finance your wheel and tire package for as low as 0% APR, if you qualify. It’s a fast, simple process that will give you an immediate loan offer. Also, it doesn’t affect your credit score.


2011 ram 2500 anthem off-road rogue wheels rough country suspension


Affirm offers fixed monthly payment options in either 3, 6, or 12 month periods, meaning you can choose what works best for you. So if you want to have the best of both worlds, you can still go on the trip and have the perfect outdoor setup while you’re at it. 




2021 chevy silverado 3500 anthem off-road rogue wheels


You'll Get Free Mounting, Balancing, and Shipping

You probably have better ways to spend your time than tracking down a place that’s willing to perfectly mount and balance your wheels and tires. So, just let us do it for you. When you get a wheel and tire package from us, we will give you free shipping, mounting, and balancing.


2014 Chevy silverado 1500 anthem off-road avenger wheels


This is a value of up to $300, now for completely free. Also, you’ll save yourself the time and hassle because we’ll ship a setup to your house that is ready to bolt-on and go. Don’t let the mistake of not packing your wheels and tires take time away from your weekend plans.




2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 anthem off-road equalizer wheels


Expect Quick Delivery

If your truck isn’t built to handle the abuse of the outdoorsmen lifestyle, it may not have much time left. Don’t risk it by waiting for long delivery times. When you get a wheel and tire package from us, it could be waiting at your doorstep in as little as seven days.


2020 ford f350 super duty anthem off-road rogue wheels


So while there might be long wait times for ammunition, we’d never want you to wait for your new wheels and tires. We know you’ve got places to be, and you need your truck to be as ready as you are. 




2020 chevy silverado 2500 anthem off-road equalizer wheels


We Have a Lot of In-Stock Product

It’s not a secret the world is experiencing shortages on some of your favorite things like trucks or chicken wings. But that doesn’t have to be the reality when it comes to your wheel and tire package. We’ve still got a wide variety of Anthem Off-Road wheels and tire brands to choose from so you don’t have to settle.


2015 chevy silverado 1500 anthem off-road equalizer wheels


Your setup deserves the best, and we’ve got you covered with amazing in-stock products that will have you achieving that dream build in no time. Some may even say, in as little as seven days…




2018 ram 1500 anthem off-road defender wheels


Receive a Package Rate Discount 

Fishing poles can be sort of spendy, so why not save yourself a few hundred bucks somewhere else to help buy it. Say, a wheel and tire package maybe? When you bundle them together, we automatically discount the package price. Don’t pay full price if you don’t have to. Fill up your tank a few extra times instead and extend the length of your trip. 




2018 toyota tundra anthem off-road instigator wheels


Final Thoughts

Building your truck doesn’t have to be a long, expensive process. We’ve got high-quality, affordable wheels ready to be paired with your favorite tires and mounted, balanced, and shipped immediately. Whether you need flexible financing options or delivery in as little as a week, we’ve thought through every detail to help set you up for success. Take the easy route now, so you can take the long way home later.


2007 dodge ram 2500 anthem off-road gunner wheels




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