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Anthem Team Experiences Total Archery Challenge

July 16, 2021

Recently the Anthem Off-Road team set off to the Total Archery Challenge in Boyne Mountain, MI, and we are so excited to tell you all about it. 





Table of Contents

  1. Archery 101

  2. What is the Total Archery Challenge?

  3. Why is Anthem Off-Road the Best Choice for Outdoor Enthusiasts? 


 Hunting Truck


Archery 101


Archery is an outdoor recreational activity of using a bow to shoot an arrow at a target of some sort. This can be a competitive sport for points, or it can be a skill used for bow hunting. Originally used as a weapon and now in modern times for fun and recreation. Archery has become a beloved pastime for many.


Total Archery Challenge Truck




What is the Total Archery Challenge? 

Anthem had the opportunity to go to the Total Archery Challenge in Boyne Mountain, MI. 

Total Archery Challenge is a 3D archery experience that gets you out into the real world, hitting skilled targets. This unforgettable three-day event is held in some of the most beautiful and scenic places in the United States. These places include Boyne Mountain, MI, San Antonio, TX, Killington/ Pico, VT, 7 Springs, PA, Terry Peak, SD, Sunlight Mountain, CO, Big Sky, MT, Park City, UT, and Snowbird, UT. 


Total Archery Challenge


Their professionally designed courses are made to test the marksmanship of all skill levels. Each event includes over 100 targets and challenges the shooters at many different distances and obstacles. For everyone at any age or skill level, Total Archery preaches that this is not a competition but a fun experience to hone in on your shooting skills.


Total Archery Challenge Truck


So we at Anthem Off-Road got to come to this event and set up a booth and show off our wheels to those at the event. When we were not sitting at the booth, we actually got to go on the course and shoot. We set up our Nock Times (tee times for shooting), and we set out on the course. This was an event of a lifetime; it was so fun and definitely challenging. We will be back for sure. 


Total Archery Challenge Truck




Why is Anthem Off-Road Wheels the Best Choice for Outdoor Enthusiasts?


If you love archery or any other outdoor activity and you drive a truck, Jeep, or SUV, then Anthem Off-Road Wheels are an excellent fit for you. Here at Anthem Off-Road, we eat, sleep, and breathe the outdoor lifestyle. We don't just preach that we love it; we are actually out there every day doing the activities that we love to do and that you love to do as well.

Our wheels are strong, durable, and tough for anything in your path. Our wheels are reliable, easy to clean, and on top of it all, they look great. You can improve the performance of your truck AND customize it to look the way you want. No one wants to look like everyone else. Stand out in a badass way with Anthem Off-Road. The toughest wheels with the toughest looks. 


check out our wheels


Anthem Wheels


When you get Anthems, you can add our No Questions Asked Replacement Plan, so no matter what happens while you're out on your next adventure, we will replace our wheel, no questions asked. We also offer free shipping, mounting, and balancing on ALL wheel/tire packages.

This makes it easier for you to install your new wheels and gives you special package pricing. Finally, we have as low as 0% APR financing for those who qualify, so you can build now and pay later. 

Are you an archery enthusiast? Let us know in the comments down below.

Check out our friends at Total Archery Challenge here.







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