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Can You Pull A Trailer With A Lifted Truck?

July 9, 2021

Lifting your truck looks great and is a way to customize your truck and make it stand out. Lifting a truck also helps with performance off-road, but… can you tow a trailer with a lifted truck? 





Table of Contents

  1. Problems You May Run Into When Towing With a Lifted Truck

  2. How To Make Towing With a Lifted Truck Safer

  3. Can You Pull a Trailer With a Lifted Truck?




Problems You May Run Into When Towing With a Lifted Truck


When you decide to lift your truck, there are two main suspension systems that you can choose from. The first being a body lift, which has its own safety concerns in and of itself; however, in this regard, a body lift will not affect the performance of your truck when hauling. This is because a body lift simply raises the frame of your truck’s body (hence the name) and does not mess with the truck’s performance at all. 


Rav 4


The next suspension system is a suspension lift. This is the most common choice for many people because it will enhance the driving experience and improve your truck’s performance off-road while giving it that extra height. When you lift a truck, softer shocks and struts are generally required for the long travel from the new height. 




Your suspension is a huge component in hauling. When you lift your truck, your performance is affected, and this will affect your hauling capability. You won’t be able to haul as much with a lifted truck. It will cause your truck to squat when you haul from the extra weight and can cause your front tires to lift off the ground and lose traction or steering control. If you tow regularly, it can wear out your suspension components much, much faster. Finally, the higher center of gravity can become dangerous when maneuvering. 




There is a third suspension option that isn’t very common, but some do choose to try out. This is an air suspension system for your truck. This is another excellent option when hauling as it is a customized suspension system to level out your truck.


Truck on air suspension




How To Make Towing With a Lifted Truck Safer


There is one tool that will be your best friend when hauling with a big ole lifted truck. That is going to be your drop hitch. This will lower where your hitch connects with the trailer. This is an effortless way to make towing safer and more manageable. You may just have to do some research to find the right one. 


lifted truck



Can You Pull a Trailer With a Lifted Truck?


All in all, at the end of the day, yes, you can tow with a lifted truck. It does get a little more complicated, you can’t pull the same weight as you could stock, and you may need to make a few arrangements to haul safely. But it is very much possible.




Do you haul a trailer with your lifted truck? Let us know in the comments down below. 


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