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Buy and Build: Jeep Under $10K

March 4, 2021


You guys loved our buy and build Ford F-150 post, so we decided to make this buy and build under $10k a series. This time we are buying and building a Jeep for under $10k.

This means that we will be walking you through the purchasing process of finding a used Jeep for a reasonable price, then walking through finding the best wheels, tires, and suspension. All of this costing under $10,000 for the Jeep and the build (wheels, tires, and suspension). Let’s jump right into it. 


Table of Contents

1. Buying the Jeep

2. Suspension

3. Wheels

4. Tires





Jeep XJ


Buying the Jeep


The first part of this purchasing process obviously starts with the actual vehicle. Most Jeeps tend to be way overpriced. This wouldn’t leave us with a lot of room in our $10k budget. So after some research, we found the Jeep that would not cost a fortune but is still absolutely capable for your daily drive and weekend activities.


Jeep XJ




The Jeep that fit the bill was the 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport 4WD. This will still look nice when built and will be a reliable choice. The sport is the most popular choice for the trim. The 2001 is the last year the XJ body style was built so it is the newest age we could get.

The average cost of this vehicle came to about $7,791. So that is what we are going to go with for our vehicle price. 

Budget after buying the Jeep: $2,209


Jeep XJ




Superlift Suspension Logo


The suspension sets off the whole build. This will determine your tire size so getting your level or lift kit is the best place to start. When looking into the most popular suspension choice for the Jeep XJ, it looked like it was about a 2.5-inch lift kit. The most popular complete 2.5-inch lift kit for the Jeep XJ was the SUPERLIFT  2.5” Full Lift Kit with SL Shocks.


Superlift Suspension System


This kit comes in at only $521 and is a great choice because it will improve the look of the Jeep immensely while driving remains smooth, comfortable, and safe. 

Budget after buying suspension: $1,688


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Jeep XJ




For this build, we decided to go for an industrial, aggressive style with the Anthem Off-Road Viper.


Anthem Viper


This is our only full-face wheel in our lineup and we think it would look fantastic on a Jeep XJ. We chose the Viper in a 17x8.5 0 with a satin black finish. For a set of these wheels, it will cost you only $850.

Budget after buying wheels: $838. 


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Anthem Off-Road Viper






Alright, we have only $940 left to get a set of tires for this build. This is absolutely do-able.

This build is going to have a very off-road influence. This means more sidewall with a smaller wheel. Since we went with a 17-inch wheel this leaves more room for tire. The tire of choice here is the Falken WildPeak AT3W 265/70R17.




This is an all-terrain tire, with all-weather capability. It features a durable and rugged sidewall, long tread life, and deep tread to rip through all kinds of terrain. They are 3-Peak Mountain SnowFlake rated, meaning that they are great in the snow.

For the package price (packaged with the wheels) these tires cost $780. On their own, they cost $820 for a set.

Budget after buying tires: $58 (at package price) or $18 (buying separately).


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Jeep XJ


There you have it, buy a Jeep and build it, all for under $10k.

Would you get a Jeep XJ? Let us know in the comments below. 

Like always, when you get a wheel and tire package you will get free shipping, mounting, and balancing.




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