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How to Buy AND Build a Ford F-150 For Under $10,000

January 29, 2021


So you want to pick up a Ford F-150 and you don’t want to leave it stock. This can get really expensive, so today we are going to show you how to buy yourself an F-150 AND build it, all for under $10,000.





Table Of Contents

  1. Purchasing the Truck

  2. Suspension

  3. Wheels and Tires

    a. Wheels

    b. Tires

  4. Conclusion


Ford F-150


Purchasing the Truck


The Ford F-series has been America’s best-selling pickup truck for 39 years straight. They are loved by many and don’t seem to be slowing down. New ones are ridiculously expensive, so if you want a good-looking truck under $10,000 here is how to do it. 


Ford F150


Obviously, to get a good deal on a truck you’ll need to find a used one, probably from a private seller. Be wary of mileage and condition when you purchase from private sellers. People can try to scam you, so always keep your guard up. 


Ford F150


The generation that we found for the best deals seemed to be the 11th generation which spanned from 2004 to 2008. We will focus right in the middle of that generation on a 2006 F-150 for ease. The average price tag of a 2006 Ford F-150 lies around $6,576.50. After searching on various websites for used 2006 Ford F-150’s we found this to be a relatively accurate estimate. 


Ford F-150


So let’s say we purchase this clean and low mile 2006 F-150 for $6576.50. Our budget of $10,000 is down to $3,423.50. 


Ford F150






So now we have this F-150 and we need to turn it into a super cool and unique F-150. To start this we are going to have to pick a suspension system first since this will determine how big to go with the tires.

The lift that we have chosen for this build is the 4-inch Rough Country Suspension Lift for $1,100. This is a great choice because 4-inches keeps a lot of utility for your truck and will dramatically change the look of the truck as well. It is also one of our most popular choices too and it is a great price. 




Ford F-150



Bear in mind that you could definitely do a leveling kit (the most popular one is by ProRyde) for only about $249 and save a bunch of money. 


shop all suspension


Ford F-150




Wheels and Tires




Now that we have the truck and the suspension for the truck we can add the wheels and tires. Our budget is down to $2,323.50. This is where the truck really becomes yours and starts to look extra great. 


Anthem Equalizer


The aftermarket wheels we decided to go with are the 20x12 -24 Gloss Black Equalizers for $996 since they are the most popular choice. The Equalizer is a 7-spoke wheel with rivets around the lip and a stylized center cap. 


Get this wheel




Ford F150




Alright, the truck, suspension, and wheels are accounted for. We are down to $1,327.50 for a set of tires to keep us under $10,000. We went to the gallery and searched 2006 Ford F-150s with a 4-inch lift to see what others are running. It looks like a 35-inch tire is the most common choice and it looks great.




After filtering in the online store for 35-inch height tires, we decided to go with the second most popular choice, the 35x12.5” Federal Xplora RTs which cost $952 for a set.

This brings our remaining balance to $375.50. You can go get some spacers, lug nuts, or gear with that money. If you go with the leveling kit you are left with a whopping $1,226.50 for yourself. 




shop all tires


Ford F150






That wraps up our build under $10,000. How would you do it differently? Let us know in the comments below. 


Ford F150



Like always we offer as low as 0% APR financing on purchases so you can buy now and pay later. We also offer free shipping and free mounting and balancing on wheel and tire packages like the one we made today. 






Ford F150



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