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The Best Suspension Brands For 2021

January 19, 2021


We get a lot of questions saying, "Hey, what's the best lift kit for my trucks?". So today we're gonna be going over our top five suspension brands for the 2021 year for off-road and outdoor usage. In no particular order, Let's get into it. 





Table of Contents

  1. Rough Country

  2. Zone Off-Road

  3. Superlift

  4. ICON Vehicle Dynamics

  5. ReadyLift


Rough Country


rough country logo


Up first is Rough Country Suspension and now, Rough Country has been one of those lift kit companies that have always offered an affordable way to get a truck, SUV, or Jeep lift kit. They make lift kits for almost any make and model and you can find pretty much anything to lift your truck on a budget. So in addition to your standard spacer lifts like Rough Country's always made, they're also gonna offer some shock upgrades and also a coil-over kit.


Rough Country


In terms of kits, they're gonna offer lifts for pretty much every major truck brand, so Ford, Toyota, Jeep, and more. Rough Country's always been one of the really good bang for your buck lift kit brands. Pretty simple, pretty awesome and the Vertex kits are fantastic, they're under 2,500 bucks and they just do a great job.

The most popular product they sell is their 4-inch Dodge Suspension Lift Kit for Ram 1500 2WD for $600. They offer lifts from 1.5 - 8 inches. See more photos here






Zone Off-Road


zone logo


So, up next on this list is none other than Zone Offroad. Now Zone is gonna be one of those companies that are gonna come in right in the middle of the market and offer a more budget-friendly kit, but also have super high quality. Also, they partnered with Fox and offer some of Fox's suspension bits, which are pretty great. They're gonna offer leveling kits, lift kits, and then, of course, those Fox upgraded shocks as we talked about.


Zone Off-Road


Zone's gonna enter the market at that affordable price, it's gonna give you those upgrade options to help you dial in the build and the quality of build that you're getting for your truck. So really the big thing with Zone suspension is they are pretty high quality, but affordable lift that's also going to have an awesome warranty, and as we said, they offer those Fox products as well.

Zones' most popular kit is their 6-inch Suspension System for 2001-2010 Chevy/ GMC 4WD for $1,324. They offer kits from 1.25 - 8 inches. See more photos here.




Shop Zone Suspension




superlift logo


Next on this list is Superlift Suspension and when it comes to bang for your buck manufacturers today, Superlift, one of the best out there. They've been making kits since the 1970s and were founded by truck and Jeep enthusiasts which is what continues to drive them in the market still today. Overall, they're just a really solid choice in terms of price and performance.


Superlift Suspension


The cool thing about Superlift is that they offer a ton of upgrades, a lot like a Zone and some of the other guys, including Bilstein shocks, or if you really wanna the ball out, they also have King Coilovers, pretty cool stuff there. Their most popular choice is their 2.5-inch Level 1 Lift kit for 1999- 2006 Silverados/ Sierra 1500 4WD for $250. They make kits from 1.5" to 12". See more photos here




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ICON Vehicle Dynamics


icon logo


ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUVs, and off-road suspension development. The company’s business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented, and focuses on world-class manufacturing processes and techniques.


ICON Vehicle Dynamics


Led by head engineer and SCORE champion driver Dylan Evans, ICON Vehicle Dynamics has the unique qualities to design and build the highest quality suspension components and test them in both real-world applications as well as race conditions.

Their best selling item is their .75-2.5" Stage 1 Suspension Kit for 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD for $1.620. They sell kits from .75 - 7 inches. See more photos here.




Shop Icon Vehicle Dynamics




readylift logo


Finally, our last pick for 2021 is ReadyLift Suspension. Since 2006, ReadyLift has been focused on delivering economical yet innovative suspension components for trucks. When they first started, ReadyLift specialized exclusively in leveling kits.

However, by 2010 the company knew they wanted to expand and start developing their own lift kits. ReadyLift focused on key features like ride, handling, turning circle, bump steer, reliability, and durability. 


ReadyLift Suspension


With these goals in mind, ReadyLift developed world-class moderate lift kits delivering great driving characteristics, ground, and tire clearance while improving curb appeal with a lifted yet livable stance (ADD). The top-selling product for ReadyLift is their 4-inch Lift with 2-inch Rear S S T Lift Kit for a Dodge/ Ram 1500 2009-2018 for $800. They offer kits from 1.5 - 9 inches. See more photos here




Shop ReadyLift Suspension


There you have it guys, here are our top five suspension brands for the 2021 year. What do you think about these brands, are you running them? Let us know down in the comment section below. Be sure to go check out the other awesome suspension brands we have to offer. 





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