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Ambassador Spotlight: Muley Freak

December 10, 2020






Today we are talking about another one of our awesome ambassadors, Muley Freak, their vehicle build, and how you can become an ambassador yourself. Read below to learn more. 


Table of Contents

1. About Muley Freak

2. About the Build

3. Wheels

4. Tires

5. Other

6. How to Become a Brand Ambassador


About Muley Freak


Muley Freak Logo


Muley freak is a do-it-yourself hunting group from the West. They live for bow hunting and long-range rifle hunting. They are always posting content of their adventures along with tips, tricks, and strategies about hunting. Muley Freak has a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel where you can keep up with all of their stories and information.

Currently, their podcast is the #1 downloaded mule deer hunting podcast! They have educated and entertained hundreds of thousands of people and have no plan on stopping anytime soon. This love of hunting has fueled them and continues to fuel their ongoing passion. They acknowledge that it isn’t always an easy activity, it can be unsafe and costly, but they give their readers, listeners, and watchers the tools that they need to be successful and safe hunters.




Check out their shop where they sell hunting gear, apparel, accessories, and gifts. This will be perfect for you or anyone you know who loves to hunt. You can find their shop on their website at muleyfreak.com/shop. While you’re at it be sure to check out their blog, podcast, YouTube, and their other socials; including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all at Muley Freak.

They value their faith and their families, have a deep love and passion for mule deer and big game hunting, and have a talent for social media. We are so very proud to partner with them and to be able to call them an ambassador of the Anthem Off-Road name. And we are so happy to introduce you guys to them. Check them out now with the buttons below and join the Muley Freak family. 


muley freak website

muley freak youtube


About the Build


Now that you know who Muley Freak is it is time to talk about their Anthem Off-Road build. The truck that is seen here is their 2020 Toyota Tacoma PRO. 


gallery photo




Anthem Off-Road Logo


The wheels that Muley Freak is running here is the Anthem Off-Road Avenger. 

The Anthem Off-Road Avenger is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 9 spokes. It has covered lug nuts with a stylized Anthem Off-Road center cap. This wheel is incredibly tough with a bold off-road design and it can withstand anything that you plan, or don't plan, to put it through. The Avenger is available in satin black and gloss black with milled spoke edge finishes. 


Shop Anthem Aveneger Aftermarket Wheel


He is running the 17x9” 0mm Avenger in the satin black finish. This wheel will only run you $748 for a set which is actually the most cost-effective set in the Avenger lineup. You can get the Avenger in a 17-20” diameters, 9-12” widths, -44 through +18mm offsets and many bolt patterns. The price of the Anthem Off-Road Avenger ranges from $748 to $1,148 for a set. 





gallery photo 2020 tacoma




Maxxis Tires logo


The tires on this build are the Maxxis Razr MT LT285/70R17 (Load E) for $1,192 a set. 

Known and trusted by billions, Maxxis accepts nothing below perfection. Maxxis started out in Taiwan and has expanded globally. They have over 45 years of experience and have created aftermarket tires for almost anything with wheels on it.

All Maxxis tires go through extensive testing and evaluation under strict standards before ever beginning production. They use the newest technologies to develop their tires. 


shop aftermarket parts


The Razr MT is a mud-terrain tire, that is optimized for off-road traction while giving you a quiet ride. It has an innovative design and a dual-cord casing ply that will improve strength and prevent punctures. These tough tires are made to last and Maxxis is so confident about that, that they will give you a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty. It has a q-speed index and a 121/118 load rating. 

You can get the Razr MT in 31-38” heights and 10-13.5” widths. The price for a set ranges from $1,008 to $1,860. 


get the razr mt




On this build, they also have the DECKED Drawer System in the bed and the ARE Z Series Camper Shell as well. 


Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck


How to Become a Brand Ambassador


To become a brand ambassador for Anthem Off-Road, you need to have at least 1,000 followers on Instagram and you should be active on multiple social media platforms. You will send in an application to us on our Ambassador Program page, we will review it and get back to you. If you are accepted, you will receive a generous discount off of your Anthem Off-Road wheels.

You are expected to post 1-2 times a week with a minimum of 100 likes per 1,000 followers. You will be making recommendations to your followers and for every purchase off of your recommendation, you will get points back. Points = money in your pocket. 







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