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What is the Best Toyo Tire?

January 1, 2021


Toyo makes a lot of tires for a lot of different applications.

Today we're going to countdown the Top 5 Toyo Tires based on popularity and tell you which one we think is the best! 

For this list, we're going to go from the least aggressive tire to the most aggressive.

Also, like always, when you get a wheel and tire package you will save on that package, get free shipping, and free mounting and balancing. We also offer as low as 0% APR financing. 

Sit down, buckle up, and let's get into it.





Table of Contents

5. Toyo Proxes S/T

4. Toyo Open Country AT II

3. Toyo Open Country CT

2. Toyo Open Country RT

1. Toyo Open Country MT


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5. Toyo Proxes S/T




Toyo Proxes S/T


First up, the Toyo Proxes S/T.

This is a directional tire meaning the V-shaped tread pattern was designed to be mounted to face a certain direction.

The Proxes S/T features a lot of deep siping and overall, just a lot of rubber.

This tire is designed to be more of a sticky tire so it will be best suited for warm, summer weather. It is not designed to handle a ton of rain and it's definitely not the tire you want to run in the winter.

The Toyo Proxes S/T would be best suited for a street truck due to the sizes it comes in and we've heard that this tire can be stretched, but we can't recommend that you stretch your tires.




4.  Toyo Open Country A/T II


\Toyo Open Country A/T II


This tire became so popular thanks to the amount of life you get out of it.

The Open Country A/T II actually comes with a 65,000-mile warranty! That's a lot of miles for a tire!

The tread pattern on this tire is relatively aggressive and features enough spacing to throw rocks out in the event that they get stuck in the tire.

The A/T II also has Z-shaped siping which will help a lot in inclement weather such as snow.

Now, we consider the Toyo Open Country A/T II to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. It's a good all-around tire that isn't particularly good at any one thing.






3. Toyo Open Country C/T




Toyo Open Country CT


The Open Country CT actually isn't as popular as we thought it would be.

This tire is designed primarily for snow and features a slightly more aggressive tread than the A/T II, as well as large Z-shaped siping so it really helps you dig into the snow.

It also has predrilled holes for studs so if you live in a state that allows studded tires, these would be perfect.

There is no mileage warranty on this tire but there is a manufacturer's warranty to protect you from any defects.




2. Toyo Open Country R/T




Toyo Open Country R/T


This is probably our most popular Toyo tire.

This is a hybrid tire that has a good amount of spacing between the tread blocks so you won't have to worry about too many things getting stuck in your tires.

There is no extended tread onto the sidewall of the tire either like you see with more aggressive tires.

This is a great all-around tire like most hybrids are.

The Open Country R/T has a 45,000-mile warranty.






1. Toyo Open Country M/T


Toyo Open Country M/T


Toyo Open Country M/T


This is the most aggressive tire on our list.

The Open Country M/T has huge tread blocks with a ton of spacing in between. Making it great for off-roading. 

Siping has left the Z-shaped pattern and went to a straight cut so as far as rain or snow traction goes, these won't be the best.

These tires will also be the loudest on our list due to the large gaps between the tread blocks but we see a lot of people daily drive on these, so the noise isn't horrible.




All of these tires are great and we encourage you to check them out on our website to find out which Toyo Tires best suit your needs!





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