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Fabtech 4-inch Suspension Lift Review

October 19, 2020



Been wondering about the Fabtech 4-inch suspension kit? Look no further, today we are walking you through our review of the Fabtech 4-inch lift that we have on our Anthem 2017 GMC Sierra. On this truck, we have the new Anthem Vipers as well, along with this suspension kit be sure to check out those to complete your build!


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Table of Contents

  1. Who is Fabtech?

  2. Design

  3. Performance

  4. Price

  5. Pros

  6. Cons

  7. Verdict

  8. Buy it Here


Who is Fabtech?

Fabtech is an aftermarket suspension company with over 25 years of experience and a devotion to building the best suspension. They are based out of Chino, California and they manufacture in-house and distribute worldwide. They pride themselves on always using state of the art software and hiring the best of the best engineers to always create the best products. They have received numerous awards for their products and create excellence from the design process all the way through the testing process. 





This 4-inch suspension is a heavy-duty design that follows their 6-inch lift design standard. The only difference here is that you get a little less lift and a much lower price. This system allows for 35-inch tires. It uses thick steel for maximum strength and durability. The kit comes with everything you will need to lift your vehicle for a quick, no weld installation. 



As far as performance goes, we looked to reviews from those we know running this setup. People seem to rave about how strong, and durable this suspension lift kit seems to be. They beat it up, take it offroad and through the worst of terrain and it holds up to the abuse. The negative things we have found are that it can be difficult to install so many recommend having a professional install the system. The only other con people seem to have is that it could absorb some of the shock better, be sure to adjust it as needed. 





The 4-inch suspension lift kit ranges from $771 to $8,664 dispensing on if you get the optimized or the budget system and depending on the type of truck that you drive. For the high quality, you are receiving this lift kit is priced incredibly reasonably. We definitely recommend it. 





  • Everything You Will Need To Lift Your Vehicle

  • High Quality

  • No Driveshaft Change Required For Auto Trac

  • Increased Caster For More Control

  • Retains Factory Steering Centrelink

  • Retains Factory Upper Control Arms

  • Quick No Weld Installation

  • Allows Use Of Stock Tires And Wheels



  • Shock Absorbing 

  • Difficult Installation





All in all, we highly recommend this suspension system. The quality and longevity that you will be receiving are so worth the cost and the installation. Just like any suspension system, it has its quirks but overall this system is really great. 


See it in action in this video!


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