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Ambassador Spotlight: Toyota Tundra

October 5, 2020


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Today we are talking about another one of our awesome ambassadors, his vehicle build, and how you can become an ambassador yourself. 


About the Owner


Douglas Chapin is a professional fisherman and a sheet metal fabricator/ welder. He is pursuing his dream career with the National Professional Fishing League (TNPFL). He is from Green Bay, WI. Home of the Green Bay Packers, with a population of 306,241 people it is the 3rd largest city in Wisconsin. He has been a fishing lover his whole life and he takes his transportation very seriously to get him to and from fishing competitions and in and out of every boat landing. 



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About the Build


Doug runs Anthem Instigators on his Toyota Tundra. The Instigator is one piece, alloy wheels with 8 spokes. It is the perfect wheel for off-road performance and on-road style. The Instigator is available in black machined and black milled finishes. The sizes that it comes in are 17, 18, 20, and 22-inch diameters and 9 and 12-inch widths with -44, 0, or +12 mm offsets. The Instigator also comes in many bolt patterns to fit many different trucks, it comes in as low as $748 for a set. With his wheels, he is running the Grabber by General Tire. This tire is known for its comfort on-road, performance off-road, durability, and traction. For this build, Doug has chosen not to do any suspension upgrades as of yet. Finally, he has a custom rod carrier on his truck and a wrap on the truck with his sponsors on it. 



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get the instigator here


get the general grabber here




  1. Who are you, what do you do, where are you from? Douglas Chapin, I am currently a sheet metal fabricator/welder. In March of 2021, I will be changing careers and following my dream of fishing professionally with the National Professional Fishing League (TNPFL). There is going to be a ton of live coverage on and off the water on a National scale. 
  2. Why do you have your truck and what do you do with it? In Tournament bass fishing having a truck is necessary for pulling my boat all over the state of Wisconsin and the country. I went with the Toyota Tundra from Kolosso Toyota in Appleton because of Toyota’s involvement in the fishing industry, their reliability, and the power of the 5.7 V8.
  3. What wheels and tires are you running? I have Anthem instigators with General tire grabbers 
  4. Why that particular wheel/tire package? Plain and simple, a good set of wheels will bring any vehicle from looking good to looking amazing. Again General tire is very involved in the bass fishing industry. As anglers, we support companies that support our passion.
  5. Any suspension upgrades?  What/Why? Not yet
  6. Any other modifications you’d like to mention? I built a custom rod carrier for storing and bringing extra rods to tournaments in case of a break or I need more of a particular rod when I get on a pattern.
  7. What Social Media accounts would you like people to follow? @dougchapinfishing on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok 



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How to Become a Brand Ambassador


To become a brand ambassador for Anthem Off-Road, you need to have at least 1,000 followers on Instagram and you should be active on multiple social media platforms. You will send in an application to us on our Ambassador Program page, we will review it and get back to you. If you are accepted, you will receive a generous discount on your Anthem Off-Road wheels. You are expected to post 1-2 times a week with a minimum of 100 likes per 1,000 followers. You will be making recommendations to your followers and for every purchase off of your recommendation, you will get points back. Points = money in your pocket. 



See more photos in our gallery. 


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