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Who is Anthem Off-Road?

September 28, 2020

Anthem Off-Road was founded in 2013 by a few friends from Midwest America. We were fed up with what we saw in the wheel industry and how companies treated customers. We knew there had to be a better way to do it and made it a point to break as many industry standards as possible in the process. A small team was assembled and the crew worked with real wheel customers to design unique wheels that looked amazing.


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Looking good wasn’t enough, the wheels needed to perform on and off-road, in the dirt, towing, and survive the abuse many owners put their vehicles through getting to a campsite, hunting spot, or favorite fishing hole. The Anthem Off-Road leadership made contact with wheel manufacturers all over the world and worked deals with some of the factories that make the OEM wheels you get on your vehicle from the factory thus affording Anthem Off-Road the trust that every wheel will exceed customer expectations.


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Our headquarters is just outside Chicago, IL which allows this 100% American owned company to employ some of the hardest working Americans in the country.

We also offer our No Questions Asked Replacement Plan which allows you to get a replacement wheel and all you pay is shipping and handling. we have been steadily growing in the past few years and have become a name that so many outdoor lovers tend to remember. We create wheels that are simple, clean, and offer the durability to handle any off-road adventure you can throw at them. Anthem Off-Road is a true, American company that lives and breathes the outdoor lifestyle.


See more photos in our gallery


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