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Best Lift Kits for 2020 F150

February 12, 2022

There are lots of options when it comes to lift kits for a 2020 Ford F-150. Want to find out which ones are the best? Well, heres the scoop.





Quick Links:

1. BDS 2.5-Inch Leveling Kit

2.  HaloLift 1-3 Inch 

3. 4 and 6-Inch BDS Suspension System

4.  SuperLift 4.5-Inch Lift Kit

5. Rough Country 6" Ford Suspension Lift Kit


ford f150


1. BDS 2.5-Inch Leveling Kit




This kit includes a new upper strut mount as well as pre-load spacers. The use of a pre-load spacer increases performance in cornering as well as offsets the increased weight of larger tires to maintain a quality ride. Unlike most systems on the market, the 2-piece system doesn't max out the upper ball joints during suspension travel.


Ford f150


WIth this leveling kit, a 1-inch rear block kit is available if your looking to maintain a slight rake. For installation, you will need a strut compressor to help you out, but one really good thing about this lift kit is that it can fit an EcoBoost or diesel models.




2018 Ford

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2. HaloLift 1-3 Inch




With this lift, it comes with the customization option of 1-3 inches. This will level the vehicle out and add a lift to it as well. The ball joint in this kit is booted and has a cam-style adjustment to achieve alignment specs and the fully forged steel design will provide the strength and durability that you will need in the worst of terrain.


Halo lifts suspension logo


The remove and replace arms are sold in pairs, which will allow for you to gain more ground clearance, fit bigger and better wheel and tire options, and get better performance when your adventuring off-road. 


shop the halolift 1-3 inch lift


Ford f150


3. 4 and 6-Inch BDS Suspension System




Up next is the 4 or 6-inch BDS Suspension System. Both sizes are really popular so it's up to you to choose what kind of look and feel you are wanting to go with. This system was really popular in the 2009-2014 models so they created it for the newest generation. These kits offer a really smooth ride and are very reliable with on-road handling coupled with improved off-road performance as well.




Another great aspect about these lift kits is that they will also give you more clearance for larger tires. In these kits you will get steering knuckles, differential relocation brackets, heavy-duty differential skid plate, and upper strut mount spacers which will help to retain the OE ride quality. They are certified compliant with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) standards and these kits also come with a 5-year, 60,000 miles plus drivetrain warranty. 




ford f-150 BDS suspension

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4. SuperLift 4.5-Inch Lift Kit




Next, we have the SuperLift 4.5-inch Lift Kit. This kit offers a variety of shock options that you can upgrade to and SuperLift lift kits are known for their strength and durability. This is a complete replacement knuckle-style suspension lift kit that will provide 4.5 inches of lift and the kit comes with everything you will need in it.


Ford F150


It will align to OEM specifications, maintain the ride quality and handling characteristics, correct front to rear factory rake, and retain OEM track width. The install time for this lift kit will be about 8 hours and it is considered 3 out of 5 for the level of difficulty. Although this is a great lift kit, it will not fit single cab truck models. The SuperLift 4.5-inch lift kit ranges from $1,200-$4,000 in price, debating on which one you go with.




Ford F150


Rough Country 6" Ford Suspension Lift Kit


Finally, the Rough Country 6” Ford Suspension Lift Kit is a great way to upgrade your truck. This lift kit will give you that rugged new look while giving it that aggressive and unmatched off-road performance. This lift kit also features a set of durable lifted knuckles and strut spacers, allowing you to upgrade to 35-inch tires with the proper wheel spacing. Each part offers that durability to provide a factory-like ride, even after lifting your truck.


2019 Ford


What lift are you running? Let us know in the comments below. Remember, we offer as low as 0% financing so you could buy now and pay later! 







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