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Top 5 Wheels and Tires

September 21, 2020

Today we will be talking about our top 5 wheel and tire combos. These are our personal favorites and our best sellers, and they will get you wherever you need to go no matter how difficult the terrain may be. We will start each one with the wheels and then talk about the tire for each pair 1- 5. 


1. Anthem Off-Road Equalizer and Federal Couragia MT

Our most popular pairing!


Anthem Off-Road Equalizer


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The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer is perfect for the person who wants a really good looking wheel that can handle off-roading as well. The Equalizer is a really unique wheel that will make your truck stand out. It is the perfect mix of a show-look and off-road application. The Equalizer is a seven-spoke, one-piece, alloy wheel. It is available in gloss black, black milled, and black gray finishes. It is available in 18 and 20-inch diameters and many offsets, bolt patterns, and widths to fit almost any truck or off-roading SUV. 



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Federal Couragia MT


Federal COuragiaFederal Couragia


The Federal Couragia MT has consistently been a top tier tire and has remained on top 5 lists for us for a long time now. The Federal Couragia MT is a mud-terrain tire. It is known for being a very reliable tire at a great price. It has a Q speed-index and an E load-range. These are going to be ideal for inclement weather or off-roading, but they may make some road noise. These are a tire you truly can't go wrong with and we will probably continue to see it as a top contender for many years to come.


Federal COuragia

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2. Anthem Off-Road Avenger and Nitto Ridge Grappler

An off-roaders dream. 


Anthem Off-Road Avenger


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The Avenger is an off-road style wheel, it is a very tough and intimidating wheel. So whether you are on avid off-roader or just someone looking for the perfect overland look for your vehicle this wheel will be perfect for you. The Avenger is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 9 spokes. It is available in satin black and black milled finishes. It is also available in a variety of bolt patterns, offsets, and widths. You can get the Avenger in a 17, 18, and 20-inch diameters.  





Nitto Ridge Grappler

nittoAnthem Avenger Nitto Ridge Grappler


The Nitto Ridge Grappler is a hybrid tire, a hybrid tire is pretty much the baby of an all-terrain and a mud-tire. It is less aggressive than a mud tire, but it is still very much capable in inclement weather and off-roading. Granted if you find yourself in deep mud, a mud-tire is certainly better. This will be a great on-road and off-road option for those who may daily drive their off-roading vehicles as well. These will be quiet on the road and have the towing power of an all-terrain tire. They are a really high-quality tire and are worth every penny. It has a Q speed index and an F load range. 


nitto ridge grappler

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3. Anthem Off-Road Intimidator and Kenda Klever R/T

Best bang for your buck.


Anthem Off-Road Intimidator


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The Anthem Off-Road Intimidator is another very off-road style wheel. It is a multi-spoke, one-piece, alloy wheel. It is available in a black milled or satin black finish. The design is simplistic and classic, with the focal point being the center cap. The spokes come straight out of the center and create 12 windows. You cannot go wrong with this wheel





Kenda Klever R/T

Kenda Klever RTKenda Klever RT


The Kenda Klever is also a hybrid tire. It is known for its high quality and its low price. This is an amazing value tire. It comes with a  full manufacturer warranty. The Kenda Klever R/T has an R speed index and an F load range. This one, again, isn't a super aggressive looking tire, but it will be an amazing tire for on-and-off-road journeys. We only have great things to say about it and that's why it is so popular. 



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4. Anthem Off-Road Instigator and Federal Xplora RT

A show-stopping pair.


Anthem Off-Road Instigator



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The Instigator is a really different design. We haven't seen many wheels that look a lot like this one and it is sure to make your ride get some attention. The Instigator is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 8 spokes. Within each of the spokes, there is a little window as well. This creates a really cool geometric design, and it just looks really intriguing and super cool. To its core it is a classic design, but with a twist. You can get it in a black milled or black machined finish and in 17, 18, 20, and 22-inch diameters. You can get it in 9 or 12-inch widths. Again there are many bolt patterns available as well as a couple offset options too. 





Federal Xplora RT

federal xplora


The Federal Xplora RT is another hybrid tire. Because of the practicality of a hybrid tire, they are dominating the top 5 lineups. They just make sense for almost any lifestyle. Generally, a hybrid will be a little costly but well worth it and most times a mud tire is more expensive. So unless all you do is off-road your vehicle then a hybrid could be the perfect option for you. Many of us use our vehicles as a daily driver and on weekends we take it off-road. That isn't the case for everyone, but if that sounds like you then a hybrid is for you. This is a really good looking tire on top of its amazing performance. It has a Q speed index and an E load range. 


federal xplora

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5. Anthem Off-Road Defender and Atturo Trail Blade MT

Show truck looks, off-road performance.


Anthem Off-Road Defender



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The Anthem Off-Road Defender is a really great looking wheel. It has a more show-truck design that will perform really well on all types of terrain. The defender is only available in the iconic gloss black finish. This is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 8 spokes and large windows. It is only available in a 20-inch diameter, 9 or 12-inch widths, +18 or -44 mm offsets, and many bolt patterns. 





Atturo Trail Blade MT

atturo trail blade


The Atturo Trail Blade MT is a very mean looking mud-tire. This is a chunky tire with really big tread voids. These are sure to give your truck a really cool look. These have a Q speed index and an E load range. Atturo had a few issues in the past with their tires, but they have come back full force and fixed all of those issues. They are using new technology to create some really amazing tires. The Trail Blade MT are a really great tire that has been on a ton of our top 5 lists for best overall tires, off-road, and best mud tires. These are also an amazing value too. 


Atturo Trail Blade

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