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How to Become a Brand Ambassador

September 14, 2020

Everyone likes discounts, figure out how you can get a discount on your wheels here; and represent Anthem Off-Road as a brand ambassador!


What is a Brand Ambassador?


Anthem off-road avenger


A brand ambassador is someone who promotes our brand and our wheels for us and gets the word out to those who haven't heard of us yet. This will usually mean posting photos of your truck on your social media pages, along with word of mouth. This will allow us to get the Anthem Off-Road name out to your friends and followers so that they can also experience how great our brand is. You should be someone who believes in the Anthem brand and embodies who we are. Learn more about us here. 


How do I become a Brand Ambassador?




To become a Brand Ambassador for Anthem Off-Road you will need to apply online at our Ambassador page. The requirements you will need to follow are having at least 1,000 followers on your socials for a bronze-level ambassadorship. The higher level you are, the better your discount on the products will be. You will need to take 10-12 high-resolution professional photos within 45 days of receiving your wheels. You should be posting 1-2 times per week and the photos should get around 100 likes per 1,000 followers. During show season it is mandatory to post once per week. It is an extremely selective program. You are a partner of the brand and need to do more than just run the wheels, you need to be influential with your voice and platforms. So if you meet these requirements and love the Anthem brand, apply here. 


bronze level


Benefits of being an Ambassador




There are so many benefits to being an ambassador. To start, you will get your wheels at a discounted rate! You will be able to post awesome photos of your new wheels for everyone to see. Your truck will look better than anyone else's on the road. Also, for every purchase, that someone refers to you as the reason that they purchased, you will get points back for that. Points equal money, and you can use that on your next Anthem purchase with your discount. As you gain more and more followers and referrals you will move up from bronze level to silver, then gold, and finally platinum level ambassadorship. The higher your status the better discounts and deals that you will get from Anthem Off-Road


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