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What Fits my 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma?

September 8, 2020

We are writing this for you so that you can save time when looking for parts for your Toyota Tacoma. We have our gallery which makes it super easy to figure out fitment, but in this blog, we are going to be covering the main three suspension systems people seem to be putting on their Tacomas and the wheel and tire fitment to match to make it even easier for you. 


Leveling Kit




With a leveling kit, many people seem to be running a 275/ 65  9-wide tire, 0 offset wheel. This is usually with no trimming or very minor trimming, we understand you may not want to cut up your truck. These are just the most common that we are seeing, and it may be a good place for you to start with your build if you're thinking about a leveling kit. You can do pretty much any diameter you please as long as they fit within these other fitment standards we are explaining here. A lot of what we are seeing is people running a very off-road setup and the most popular leveling kit is by BDS




4-Inch Lift


4 inch lift


For a 4-inch lift, we are finding that a lot of people are running a 12-wide and a 33-inch tire. This will require you to do a lot of cutting for this look. This is much less functional than the leveling kit. This will give more of a show-truck feel to the Tacoma. Most people with the 4-inch lift will want a wider stance as well. The most popular brand for a 4-inch lift is ReadyLift




6-Inch Lift


6 inch lift


If you really want a show-truck feel the 6-inch lift is for you. This is again less practical but you won't have to do nearly as much cutting as the 4-inch lift which is a time and money saver for you. Our most popular 6-inch lift is by Rough Country


Anthem off-road


Check out more lifts and fitments in our gallery


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