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Best Wheels for Toyo Open Country AT3

August 5, 2020

If you just picked up a set of Toyo Open Country AT3 tires, chances are you need some new wheels to go with them. Anthem Off-Road wheels will match your new tires perfectly. We have quite a few wheels to choose from so here are our top 3 wheels that we'd run with the new Toyo Open Country AT3!


1. Anthem Intimidator

Anthem Intimidator

We'll start with the Anthem Off-Road Intimidator. This is a multi-spoke wheel with Y-shaped spokes and a huge center cap that highlights our Anthem logo. You also have milled accents in each window between the spokes and Anthem engraved into one spoke. This is the most subtle design on this list which is perfect for those of you looking for a wheel that looks as tough as it is. We currently offer the Intimidator in black milled and satin black finishes with sizes ranging from 17x9 to 20x10.

Anthem Intimidator Tundra

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2. Anthem Avenger

Anthem Avenger

Next, we have the Anthem Off-Road Avenger. This is a lot busier than the Intimidator. The spokes seem to make a webbed design and the milling looks incredible, accenting the windows of the wheel perfectly. Again, we see the large center hug of this wheel but this one sits almost flush with the spokes. You'll notice that the Avenger also has a slightly concave construction. This wheel features rivets around the outside of the wheel with the Anthem Off-Road engraving to match. We offer the Avenger in Black Milled or Satin Black finishes with sizes from 17x9 to 20x12 to fit either an off-road or show build.



3. Anthem Equalizer

Anthem Equalizer

Last but not least is the Anthem Equalizer. This is one of our favorite designs yet. The Equalizer features a split 6-spoke convex design that looks like nothing else on the market. We made the center hub the focal point of this design with the spokes sloping backward as they reach the lip of the wheel. The Black Milled finish adds milling to the inner portions of each spoke to give each spoke more depth. We raised the center cap, covered the lugs, and kept the surface smooth except for our logo. The Equalizer is sure to turn heads at shows and on the trails. You can get the Anthem Equalizer in Black Milled, Black Gray, Matte Black, and Gloss Black finish. For sizing, we offer this wheel in sizes as small as 18x9 and as large as 20x12.

Anthem Equalizer Silverado



You picked out a great tire, you need a great wheel to go with. Anthem Off-Road wheels are designed by outdoor loving truck enthusiasts who know what you want in a wheel. You need a wheel to be as good-looking as it is durable and all three of these options are sure to accomplish that!



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