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How Anthem is Handling COVID-19

May 7, 2020

Anthem Wheels Silverado

All right, you've probably reached this blog because you saw the banner on our home page or you got an email stating that we're temporarily pausing all new orders. There are a few reasons for this and we're going to talk about them here!


1. A Message for Everyone

First and foremost, we want to thank all of the customers that have been sticking with us throughout all of the uncertainty going on in the world today. Your continued support for us and passion for your build is what makes the truck community so special. We're not going anywhere, we just want to thank you for everything! For those of you that have been affected by the coronavirus, we want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We'd also like to extend a huge shoutout to all healthcare workers and first responders that are out there risking their lives for the safety of this country. Finally, a thank you to all of the essential workers out there that are helping keep our country afloat during these trying times. You are all part of what makes America such an amazing place and together we will make it through this!

Anthem Defender Jeep WranglerAnthem Defender Jeep Wrangler


2. What's Happening at Anthem Off-Road

As you've all probably heard, in order to keep our staff safe & customers satisfied, we have limited our staffing and paused accepting new orders until Tuesday, May 19th at 12pm CST to focus on shipping orders already received. We want to make sure that our current customers are taken care of even though our staff is limited to keep them safe. We have always strived to give the best possible service to each and every customer and we won't let the virus stop that. We've recently had a really high order volume and want to make sure that all current orders are being taken care of and all needs are met. The safety of our staff and the satisfaction of our customers are our top priority and this is what we feel is the best way to maintain everything that makes us who we are as a company. We're all in together as Americans and we will fight through everything going on and come out stronger as a whole!

Anthem Wheels SilveradoAnthem Wheels Silverado


3. The Good News

Don't let the temporary pause stop you from planning your build. We have one of the best tools you can use for your fitment planning. Head over to our gallery to check out what other people are running with your same truck. That's where we're pulling all of these sick photos from! You can filter by year, make, and model of your truck as well as what wheels and tires you'd like to see and even the suspension setup. Here you'll be able to see photos to get the fitment you're looking for and you'll even find out if the owner needed to do any trimming or has any issues with rubbing. Take this time to make sure your setup is perfect for your build and get ready for next week! Already have a cool truck and haven't shared it yet? Add your truck to our gallery for a chance to get featured in blogs like this!

You can find more information and updates about us here!

We are committed to leading the aftermarket wheel, suspension, and tire industry while persevering together in the days, weeks, and years ahead.

Thank you for your continued support and make sure you're getting your truck ready for show season! Stay awesome and be ready to place your order on May 19th at 12pm CST!

Anthem Wheels Tundra



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