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Top 5 Wheels for Off-Roading

May 5, 2020

1. Intimidator

Anthem IntimidatorAnthem Intimidator International Scout

The Anthem Intimidator was designed with simplicity in mind. It features a 12-spoke design and you'll notice that the spokes widen out towards the end. This gives the Intimidator a much beefier look without being really in your face with its design. The center cap is also designed a little bit differently from other wheels. Instead of having a center cap that sticks out, the Intimidator has a lower profile cap. This keeps the design simple and clean. The Intimidator also has plenty of windows that help stop mud from getting stuck in the wheel making it easier to clean off.


2. Aviator

Anthem AviatorAnthem Aviator Ram

Next is the Aviator. This wheel deserves a little more love than it gets. It's a split 7 spoke design that features the same rivets and engraving that Anthem customers love. There is also a large lug nut cover with the Anthem emblem front and center. This cover stops mud and dirt from coating your lug nuts and the open concept design allows you to clean the wheel pretty easily. This wheel is ready to take on some serious off-road terrain and look good doing it!


3. Equalizer

Anthem EqualizerAnthem Equalizer Silverado

The Equalizer is another split seven-spoke design with milled accents on the inner portions of each split spoke. You'll also notice rivets along the outer lip with Anthem Off-Road engraved. There is also a pretty large lip on this wheel with a large center cap that pulls it all together and gives this wheel a very muscular look. The deep-dish that is a common style with this wheel allows easy cleaning and the straight spoke designs make sure that there aren't any tough areas to reach. If you want a deep dish wheel capable of some punishment, look no further.


4. Enforcer

Anthem EnforcerAnthem Enforcer Silverado

One really cool thing about the Anthem Enforcer is the split-spoke design with windows, allowing for mud to evacuate easily when you go mudding. If you want to get your wheels dirty, don’t worry about having to meticulously wash every nook and cranny when you’re done. The wheels will air themselves out quickly, and they’re simple to clean. The best off-road wheels must combine functionality with an appealing look. Anthem Off-Road wheels have both, and the Enforcer is no exception. With the Enforcer, you’re getting off-road function with a look that will make your off-road friends and roadside strangers wonder why they don’t have Enforcers on their trucks. 


5. Defender

Anthem DefenderAnthem Defender Tundra

Now onto one of our favorites. The Defender has an incredibly unique style. It's an eight-spoke wheel that has a convex shape but there are additional spokes attached on top that start from the lip and concave inward towards the center cap. This step design is very unique and makes the wheel look so aggressive and unlike anything else on the road. This is a very rugged, tough wheel that will not look incredible at your local meets but will also perform very well when it comes time to hit the trail.



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