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Top Off-Road Wheel and TIre Packages

April 14, 2020

1. Anthem Equalizer / Nitto Ridge Grappler

Anthem EqualizerAnthem Equalizer F150

First, on our list is the Anthem Equalizer paired to a Nitto Ridge Grappler. The Equalizer also made it onto our list of Top 5 Wheels Under $1000 for its great design and amazing price. This is a split seven-spoke wheel with milled accents on the spokes and rivets on the outer lip. The Nitto Ridge Grappler is our most popular tire. It's a hybrid which means it's just as capable on the road as it is off. It has an aggressive design like a mud tire but the day-to-day livability and comfort of an all-terrain. The Ridge Grappler is unique though because it features two different sidewall designs. There is an aggressive and a non-aggressive side so you can choose which one you like best.

2. Anthem Instigator / Federal Couragia MT

Anthem InstigatorAnthem Instigator Silverado 2500

Next is the Instigator. This wheel is a windowed eight-spoke design with rivets on the outer lip. The windowed spokes are milled which makes them really pop especially being accented by the rivets. We paired this wheel with the Federal Couragia MT because the Couragia MT has been incredibly popular lately. It's a mud tire that has outstanding performance for a low price. It's known to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck mud tires on the market today. The tread on this tire is extremely aggressive like most mud tires are. It has huge tread blocks and treads voids to give you plenty of traction while allowing all of the water and debris of the trails to flowing out. If you like doing some off-roading, this is the setup for you.

3. Anthem Defender / Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Anthem DefenderAnthem Defender Tacoma

Now we bring you a rather unique wheel. The Defender is a convex wheel meaning the outer part of the spokes is further back than the hub. But what's really unique is that this wheel has spoken overlays that can be attached on top of each spoke to give it a concave look instead. This is a really unique wheel design that we absolutely love. The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is an all-terrain tire so it's able to handle off-road but is a less aggressive tire than mud or hybrid so it's better suited for road use or daily driving. It will provide good traction on dry pavement with enough evacuation to do well in the rain also. If you're wanting a quality, comfortable tire, the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 is a great option.

4. Anthem Gunner / Atturo Trail Blade XT

Anthem GunnerAnthem Gunner F150

The Gunner has probably the most simplistic design on this list. It almost has a directional design with the spokes alternating from large to small. The smaller spokes accent the Gunner really well and the riveted lip brings a touch of ruggedness. If you're looking for a clean, simple look, the Gunner will definitely meet your needs. Pair it with the Atturo Trail Blade XT and you have a very versatile setup. The Trail Blade XT is an aggressive hybrid tire that has a really sharp, menacing design. The sidewall almost looks to have teeth that accent the simplicity of the Anthem Gunner perfectly.

5. Anthem Enforcer / Toyo Open Country RT

Anthem EnforcerAnthem Enforcer F150

Last but not least we have the Enforcer with a Toyo Open Country RT. We absolutely love the design of the Enforcer because it's so different. As you can see the lip has cutouts which make the wheel look like it has steps. There aren't many wheels on the market today that have a design quite like these. In the center, you have eight split spokes that keep the rugged look of this wheel going. We chose to pair it with the Toyo Open Country RT which is another hybrid tire that is ready to dominate almost anything you throw at it. The Toyo Open Country RT has been a huge hit with our customers lately and we've heard great feedback on the look and performance of this tire.



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