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Best 20x10 Wheels

April 14, 2020

1. Equalizer

Anthem EqualizerAnthem Equalizer Silverado

First up, we have the Equalizer.

The Equalizer is a split seven-spoke design with milled accents on the inner portions of each split spoke. You'll also notice rivets along the outer lip with Anthem Off-Road engraved. There is also a pretty large lip on this wheel with a large center cap that pulls it all together and gives this wheel a very muscular look. You can get the Equalizer in a 20x10 -24 for right under $1000!


2. Gunner

Shop Anthem GunnerAnthem Gunner F250

Next, we have the Gunner. This is a split eight-spoke design that has alternating large and thin spokes that give the wheel a meaty look while still showing that the small details were not overlooked. This is another wheel that features rivets and engraving around the lip. Overall, this is a rugged, clean wheel that will definitely turn heads. The Anthem Gunner comes in right around $950 for a set.



3. Instigator

Anthem InstigatorAnthem Instigator F150

The Instigator makes the center cap the focal point of the wheel. The spokes are small and square with a lot of milling which really makes the black center cap pop. This wheel has rivets along the lip but unlike the other wheels, there is no engraving. This is a very aggressive and unique design that we absolutely love. The Anthem Instigator can be yours for just under $1000 which is a great deal for a wheel like this!


4. Defender

Anthem DefenderAnthem Defender Jeep Wrangler

Now onto one of our favorites. The Defender has an incredibly unique style. It's an eight-spoke wheel that has a convex shape but there are additional spokes attached on top that start from the lip and concave inward towards the center cap. This step design is very unique and makes the wheel look so aggressive and unlike anything else on the road. You can get the Anthem Defender for around $900.


5. Commander

Anthem CommanderAnthem Commander Silverado

Finally, we have the Commander. This wheel is unique because unlike most wheels, this is a convex shape meaning that the spokes are at their highest point at the center of the wheel and they fall back as the spoke reaches the lip. This wheel also features two different sets of rivets. One on the outer lip and one on the inner lip behind the spokes. Like some of the other wheels, the center cap is the focal point of this wheel. You can grab the Anthem Commander for just under $950.