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The Best Mud Tires 2020

April 11, 2020

1. Federal Couragia MT

First on our list is the Federal Couragia MT. This has been an incredibly popular tire lately and for good reason. So, like most mud tires, the Couragia has very large tread blocks. This helps remove any rocks or other debris that might get stuck in the tread. The Couragia does a great job removing these things especially because Federal has designed this tire with void treads that are placed between the tread blocks. These help remove excess dirt and mud. The inner tread blocks have a few sharp, cutting design which allows the Couragia to dig into rocks when climbing or dirt/snow when you need the traction. This will help you maintain momentum. The outer tread blocks are claw-shaped to make sure that they can continuously grab the terrain below them.

Federal Couragia MTFederal Couragia MT Ram

2. Atturo Trail Blade MT

The Atturo Trail Blade MT is one of the most solid and most affordable mud tires on the market today. For those who don't know, the Atturo Tire lineup comprises off-road truck tires. The MT is their second most aggressive tire in their lineup. They've got large shoulder blocks and a wide center section that provides good evacuation in all terrains. The sidewall is as aggressive as you'd expect in a mud tire. If you're looking for a mud tire without breaking the bank, this one is it. Atturo has been a very popular brand lately since they bring great tires at an affordable price.

Atturo Trail Blade MTAtturo Trail Blade MT F150

3. AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A

Next is the AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A. That's quite the name. But this is quite the mud tire. The MT A has massive tread blocks while still having huge tread voids. This tire is incredibly aggressive and will make sure that nothing gets stuck within the tread. There are also some solid shoulder lugs that will help with protecting your wheels when things get a little tight. There is a good amount of siping on this tire as well but not quite as much as we see on other tires. You'll notice that the siping design on this tire is a little bit straighter and longer than others which is interesting to see. Overall, the Mud Terrain Attack MT A should be able to tackle pretty much anything you throw at it. 

AMP Mud Terrain Attack MT AAMP Mud Terrain Attack MT A Silverado

4. Toyo Open Country MT

The first thing that jumps out to us on the Toyo Open Country MT is just how deep the tread is. This tire will be able to dig and get you through some really harsh terrain. This is one of the more expensive tires on this list but Toyo is a renowned company that produces incredible tires. If you want the extra quality, it tends to cost a little bit more. This is also a tire that you can get a lot of life out of. It's not uncommon to see these tires hit 40,000 miles which is quite a bit of mileage for a mud tire. The Open Country MT might be a little more expensive, but it's more than worth the price.

Toyo Open Country MTToyo Open Country MT Tundra

5. Fury Offroad Country Hunter MT

Finally, we have the Fury Offroad Country Hunter MT. Right off the bat, we love the look of the Country Hunter MT. This is a very aggressive looking tire but not to the point where it's out of place. The large tread blocks and tons of siping give this tire a great look along with awesome performance. Based on the amount of siping, this tire will probably be one of the best ones on this list to tackle snow. Fury Offroad knocked it out of the park with this tire and we're sure you'll agree when you pick up your set!

Fury Offroad Country Hunter MTFury Offroad Country Hunter MT