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Anthem Off-Road Intimidator: In Depth Look

March 4, 2020

Let's take at one of our more simplistic designs!

The Anthem Intimidator!

Anthem Intimidator

The Anthem Intimidator was designed with simplicity in mind.

It features a 12-spoke design and you'll notice that the spokes widen out towards the end.

This gives the Intimidator a much beefier look without being really in your face with its design


The center cap is also designed a little bit differently from other wheels.

Instead of having a center cap that sticks out, the Intimidator has a lower profile cap.

This keeps the design simple and clean.


Anthem IntimidatorAnthem Intimidator


The Anthem Intimidator is available in a 17, 18, or 20 inch diameter

It is available in a 9 and 10 inch width.

Finally, offsets are -24, -12, 0, and +18.


For finishes, you can expect to see satin black or black milled finishes.

Both of these styles are sure to meet the style of your ride!


Anthem Intimidator SilveradoAnthem Intimidator


So what does the Anthem Intimidator cost?

Well, it's actually pretty affordable!

The Intimidator was designed to be simple and budget friendly!

You can get a set of Intimidators for just under $800!




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