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Anthem Wheel and Tire Accessories

February 21, 2020

Muddy Silverado


What Is Your Wheel And Tire Package Missing?

Whether you’re getting new wheels and tires for your Jeep or truck, your wheel and tire package can be missing a few things. This can include a coating to keep your wheels clean and sensors to keep you safe, or sweet accessories that will make your Jeep or truck look a bit cooler on the streets. Whatever your desire, the following accessories and features are definitely worth a purchase.


1. Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating will protect your wheels from the elements and make cleaning a breeze. Ceramic coatings provide far better protection for your wheel than waxes or sealants. They can also last upwards of several years, which is unrivaled by other products. 


Ceramic coating repels dirt, water, and other material that you’ll find on the road. Furthermore, their toughness helps to prevent swirl marks and cosmetic issues from washing your wheel. 


2. TPMS Sensors 

TPMS Sensor

TPMS (Tire-Pressure Monitoring System) sensors monitor your tire pressure and alert you when tire pressure is low. TPMS sensors relay real-time information about tire pressure to you through a low-pressure warning light, gauge, or pictogram display. TPMS sensors are offered at a factory level as well as aftermarket, in case your tire setup doesn’t include TPMS sensors already.


TPMS sensors help you avoid traffic accidents from tire malfunction, reduced fuel economy from low tire pressure, and rapid tire wear because of under-inflated tires. TPMS sensors first appeared in luxury vehicles in Europe in the 1980s, but since then they have become widespread across all makes and models.


TPMS sensors reduce road accidents by quite a bit. They are more of a safety feature than a pretty upgrade, but they’re pretty important, especially considering that 9% of all road accidents that result in fatalities are associated with under-inflated tires.


3. Wheel Shine

Wheel Shine Kit

Don’t forget about keeping your wheels clean. Wheel shine keeps your wheels and tires looking brand new. We offer a wide variety of wheel shine kits for your wheel and tire package. 


The KARBON Ultimate Shine Kit for painted or polished wheels by Killerwaxx uses nothing but the best ingredients. The kit uses the highest grade Carnuba available. This complete kit comes with a high foam vehicle wash, jet black rubber renew, quick exterior detailer, paint sealant, mirror-finish metal polish, high gloss liquid wax, 4 microfibers, a wash mitt, and two 32oz spray nozzles.


We provide other wheel shine products that are slightly less complete and designed for other types of wheels.


4. Lug Nuts

Lug Nuts

Most aftermarket wheels will require new lug nuts. To keep a stock look, grab a set of black or chrome lugs. 


If you’re feeling bold, spiked lug nuts are a great option. These 3 piece spiked lug nuts elevate your fitment game. Whether you're going with the clean polished look or the aggressive neo-chrome, there's a color for everyone. These spiked valve stem caps are made of metal alloy. We recommend applying anti-seize lubricant on threads prior to installation to avoid seizing.

From the Intimidator to the Instigator, we're sure these accessories will meet all the needs of your new Anthem wheels!


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