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The Best Wheel and Tire Setup for MPG

February 13, 2020

Anthem Wheels Ram


Let's talk about your miles per gallon, and how the tires make that impact. So when the manufacturer picked out the stock wheels and tires to put on your truck, they picked out what was going to be the most cost-effective, and provide the best fuel economy because that's what your average consumer wants. But let's face it, you're reading this, it's because you are not the average consumer. You care about the look, you care about the style, and you want your vehicle to do all of the things that you bought it to do, and look good doing it.

But you also need to be aware, looking good sometimes adds more weight to the vehicle. Adding more weight causes your vehicle to work a little bit harder to get those wheels rolling down the road, but that's okay. So when you're looking at it, just pay attention to which width you're picking up for your wheels. Are you picking out a 33, 12, and a half are you picking out a 14 wide wheel. What is going to best meet the needs that you are going to use your vehicle for?

If you like to get outside, drive off-road a little bit, or tow a trailer, sometimes that takes a little bit more effort. So when you're picking out your wheels and tires, you need to pick out what's going to best fit your needs.


Anthem Tacoma


Next is your tread pattern. Your tread pattern makes up a huge difference in how your vehicle is going to perform. If you are primarily using your vehicle off-road and you need that tread pattern to get in and really dig into that dirt, then maybe a mud tire is a little bit better for you.

Or maybe your vehicle never, ever sees the dirt. A street tire might be exactly what you need. But what you really need to do, as a consumer, is decide what you are going to use your truck for, and make sure that the tire you're selecting matches that use.

Maybe it's the mud tire because all you do is go off-road. Maybe it's the street tire because all you do is drive back and forth to work, or maybe you do a little bit of both. Maybe an all-terrain or an XT tire is the right move for you.


F150 Anthem


Now on to tire pressure, if there is one thing that you can really do to your wheels and tires that's going to adjust your miles per gallon is making sure that your tire pressure is where it's supposed to be. So maybe you air down when you're off-road because you need that little bit of extra traction when you're back on the street make sure that you're putting your tire pressure right back to the manufacturer's specifications. Just that little bit will decrease the amount of tread that's hitting the road and will decrease the amount of traction that it needs to push your vehicle along and help make sure that your fuel economy is exactly where you need it to be.

So there are lots of different things, modifications that you can do to your vehicle that's gonna change your miles per gallon. Whether you're adding a cold intake, or you're changing the exhaust, or anything else, maybe a tune. All of this can positively or negatively affect your miles per gallon but the most important part about fuel conservation is simple, just drive it safely. Slow on the brakes, slow on the gas, take your time when you're going to get somewhere and save that exhaust for when you really wanna hear it rumble.


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