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The Newest Anthem Wheel: Avenger

February 13, 2020

Right at the end of the year, Anthem released a new wheel and today we are going to check it out!


We're of course talking about the Anthem Avenger!


Anthem Avenger


Just look at this beautiful wheel with a milled black finish! This is definitely one of the more intricate designs to come out of Anthem and we absolutely love it!

The Avenger features a cross-spoke design that gives a classy but very aggressive look. Now, we know what you're thinking, that thing must be extremely difficult to clean.

Well actually, it really isn't as bad as we thought! 


F150 Anthem Avenger


We love the concavity of the Avenger. It's really going to set your truck apart from the rest. The design also features 12 rivets along the outside of the wheel and says Anthem on the top of the wheel with Off-Road at the bottom. This is a really cool design element that we love to see. It makes a statement but doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Towards the center of the wheel, you can see the beautiful gloss black finish with the milled accents on the spokes.

In the very center, we see the Anthem logo on the center cap as well as covered lugs which is going to help with keeping dirt and grime out of your lugs when you're on the trail.

Anthem Avenger Ram

As far as options go, the Anthem Avenger is available in a Black Milled or Satin Black finish and comes in a 17x9, 18x9 -18, 20x10 -18, and 20x12 -44. So you have a couple of finishes and a wide variety of sizes so we are confident that the Avenger will suit your build!


Anthem Avenger Tundra

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