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Most Popular Truck Tires

January 21, 2020

You already know that we build some of the baddest wheels available in North America. We love our logo, we love our wheel, and we stand behind every idea that we put in to building the right wheel for your vehicle. And we know that our consumers love our products, too. 

But we don’t only offer the best wheels available today— we also offer wheel and tire packages. That’s right: you can pick out your favorite wheel and pair it with your favorite tire. Your purchase includes free mounting, balancing, and shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. With our free mounting and balancing package, your setup will be ready to put on your vehicle when it arrives.

So let’s talk tires. But first, we’ve got to say: 2019 was a great year, all thanks to you guys. We would be nowhere if it weren’t for our consumers’ and friends’ input, energy, and pride in our brand. Here is a list of the tires we feel will be the top 5 most popular truck and jeep tires in 2020.

#1 Nitto Ridge Grappler

Our #1 tire in 2019 was the Nitto Ridge Grappler. The Nitto Ridge Grappler was by far our best selling tire, alone and in wheel and tire packages. 



The Nitto Ridge Grappler has 2 different sidewalls, featuring an aggressive and a less aggressive side. This allows consumers to decide which side they want to point outwards. The tire has a lightning bolt tread pattern design, which calls attention to your badass tire. 

Nitto designed the Ridge Grappler with enough space to evacuate all the dirt and grime when you’re driving through intense off-road terrain..

The Nitto Ridge Grappler was by far the most popular tire in wheel and tire packages in 2019, and we know the tire will remain popular going into 2020. But we also want to give you other options that might fit your needs moving forward. Maybe you don’t need a mud tire or you don’t want the same tire as everybody else. 

Here are a few other fantastic options that we have available at Anthem Wheels:

#2 Federal Couragia MT

The Federal Couragia MT is an aggressive mud tire. The tire is beautiful and will provide the traction you need for off-road terrain. It’ll dig into the dirt, roll over rocks, and push you along wherever you want to go. It’s also affordable.



#3 Atturo Trail Blade MT

The Atturo Trail Blade MT has a tread pattern and side wall designed to look like a knife blade. We promise that you’ll love it on your vehicle. It’s relatively affordable, too. The Trail Blade MT has spacing between lugs that will help your vehicle evacuate mud, dirt, and snow.



#4 Atturo Trail Blade XT

The Atturo Trail Blade XT will give you the traction you’re looking for while reducing road noise. And it has the same sweet tread pattern and side wall as the Trail Blade MT. When you look at the trail blade XT and see those blades coming down the middle of the sidewall, you'll immediately identify the aggressive look.



#5 Toyo Open Country AT II

The Toyo Open Country AT II is a reliable tire that has been tried and tested for years. The Open Country AT tire performs equally off-road and on-road. The rubber Toyo uses to build their tires is durable, so you can count on your tire lasting a while.



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