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January 8, 2020

Hello everyone! We’re here with five things you probably don’t know about Anthem Off-Road Wheels.

How Anthem was founded

Anthem isn’t a part of some major corporation with a massive marketing budget and hundreds of people working towards sending you wheels. We are a small, hometown company, started by a few guys from the Midwest who knew that there had to be a better way to break wheel industry standards.

From marketing to designing and customer engagement, our goal is to present the customer with the best possible experience. A lot of our current team began as regular customers, and our story was so inspiring that they designed to join our team.

Anthem is a team and a community—something you won’t find elsewhere in the industry

Wheels Arrive Ready to Go

We want you to get your truck and jeep wheels completely ready to go. We sell Anthem Off-Road Wheels, but we also offer truck and jeep tires from every major manufacturer available. Pick out your wheels, pick out your tires, and we’ll mount, balance, and ship your wheel and tire combination for free.

Behind the Logo

The Anthem Off-Road has 3 unique components that establish the foundation for our company.

1. The four arches surrounding the logo is a reminder to stay committed to four things:

  • Our nation’s military
  • Our first responders
  • Our true working class
  • Any patriot who supports all of those. If you believe in any of these things, you need to get yourself a set of Anthem tires.

2. The three-star points are the most eye-catching part of the Anthem design. The three-star points remind us to:

  • Maintain a focus on customer experience. Developing a customer relationship is crucial, and so is making our customers feel like they’re a part of the Anthem team
  • Never stop breaking industry standards. There are many norms that make no sense in the wheel industry, and we intend to break every single one of them
  • Always develop unique wheel designs. We know you can get a nice set of black wheels anywhere, but we want our wheels to have unique wheel designs. 

3. The three insignia style stripes remind us to:

  • Work hard
  • Remain selfless
  • Stay proud of what we have, but remain humble enough to realize that we didn’t do it alone. 


Ambassador Program

To us, sponsorship is far more than giving you a product and hoping you promote it. The Anthem Ambassador Program encompasses the relationship we want to build within our team.


We want you to be part of the team and feel involved, and that’s the motivation behind our program. Not everyone will get picked up by the program, but those who do will have the opportunity to showcase our wheels to the world while getting a pretty beefy discount on our products.


Anthem Insiders List

Our favorite part about Anthem Off-Road Wheels is the customer experience. Not just good customer service—we’re talking about the Anthem Insiders list.

The Anthem Insiders list is like an email list, but more dynamic. We partner with Anthem Insiders to design every wheel we put on the street. Not a single one of our wheels was designed solely in-house—every wheel has input from our Anthem Insiders list. We work with you to make sure we’re developing wheels that you genuinely want to drive.

Feeling motivated? Why don't you hop over to our store to see some of the best wheels in the industry? Come join our team.



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