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November 20, 2020



BFGoodrich tires are solid. Everybody from your handy neighbor to the most serious off-roader knows and respects the brand. BFG tires have been innovative and reliable since the company began. They have a great following because their tires are constantly setting new expectations in the tire manufacturing industry.


In 1976, BFG came out with the first all-terrain radial tire. In 2018, BFG released the KM3 for the serious offroader. In the video above, Ron from Anthem All-Road compared two awesome BFG tires - the BFG MT (also known as the KM3) for mud terrain and the BFG KO2 for all-terrain purposes.






Table of Contents

1. BFG K02 From the Gallery

2. BFG KM3 From the Gallery 

3. BFG KM3 MT Pros and Cons

4. BFG K02 AT Pros and Cons

5. KM3 vs K02 Summary


BFG KO2 from our Gallery


View more KO2 all-terrain from our gallery here.





BFG KM3 MT from our Gallery


View more KM3 mt gallery photos here.





BFG KM3 Mud-Terrain: Pros and Cons


The BFG KM3 mud terrain aftermarket tires are made for the most extreme terrain. According to BFG, “years of experience and testing in some of the toughest conditions on Earth have resulted in a tire that thoroughly and consistently defies expectations.” And it’s true. 


The BFG KM3 tires have really thick grooves, typical of mud-terrain tires. The thick grooves help with mud evacuation. The tires are primarily used for off-road purposes. The tires will grip well in silt, sand, mud, and snow, and you will have no issue getting out of sticky terrain. 




The aggressive and thick sidewalls of the BFG KM3 tires make these the best option for off-roading, rock crawling, and being comfortable with more deflated tires. They have more aggressive and thicker treads than the BFG KO2 all-terrain tires.


There are a few drawbacks of the BFG KM3. Since they are primarily mud terrain tires, they are quite a bit noisier on the road and don’t grip as well as all-terrain or highway tires. With that said, some people like mud-terrain tires for all purposes anyway.

Road noise isn’t the biggest factor, especially if you’re blasting music as you drive. The BFG KM3s look cool and are always ready to turn off the highway for a dirt trail. 


BFG KO2 All-Terrain: Pros and Cons


The BFG KO2 all-terrain tires have a closer tread pattern, which reduces road noise and increases grip on the pavement. They definitely provide better handling on the highway compared to the BFG KM3 tires, but they are no contest when it comes to off-road terrain. 


The tires have a softer sidewall so the tires will be easier to puncture compared to the more aggressive and thicker sidewall of the BFG KM3 mud-terrain tires.




At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Some people can’t stand the road noise of mud-terrain tires. Others don’t mind, or they ignore the noise because their truck looks cooler and is more prepared for any type of terrain. 


KM3 vs KO2 Summary


Each of the tires is fantastic for their own reasons. The KM3 are unstoppable in off-road terrain and the KO2 handles everything short of extreme off-road terrains very well. BFG does not fool around when it comes to the tires they manufacture, and these two tires are some of the best tires in their respective categories on the market today. Visit our selection of BFG KM3 and KO2 tires at this link.