How To Find The Right Wheel/Tire Package For Your Rig

January 21, 2022

Are you having trouble trying to pick out a wheel/tire package for your rig and don’t know where to start? Well, let's find out how and get you the best set of wheels/tires to make your rig look like an off-roading beast!



Table Of Contents:

-How Do You Know Which Wheels And Tires Will Fit?

-The Anthem Off-Road Gallery

-Show Off Your Rig

-Value/Benefits Of A Wheel And Tire Package

2019 Ford Ranger

How Do You Know Which Wheels And Tires Will Fit?

Finding the right wheel and tire package for your rig can be difficult. There are so many options out there to choose from, so you want to make sure you find the right one. But how?

2018 Chevrolet Colorado

When searching for a wheel and tire package, one option would be to go directly to the Anthem website and enter your rig’s information in the wheel section. This will then help provide tons of options that are available for your rig. Once you have your wheels picked out, you can move forward on to tires. But, how will you know what will look good and what won't? Well, let’s find out!


2020 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Why The Anthem Gallery Exists

One of our amazing additions to our website is the gallery. The Anthem Off-Road gallery is a place where enthusiasts just like you can add their truck and explain all of its modifications including wheels, tires, and suspension.


2017 Toyota tundra

Having the option to look at rigs similar to yours and see wheels/tires that can work for it is a great way to find what you’re looking for. The gallery allows you to type in the exact year, make, and model of your rig, and will then show you gallery entries of builds just like yours with tons of different wheels, tires, and modifications added to them.  The gallery is designed to help teach people what will fit on their trucks, and it does just that. It's a great tool to find what your actually looking for before you go and make a purchase. 

2000 Ford F-150

Using the Anthem Off-Road gallery is a lot easier to use than people may think. Being able to look through the gallery, click on a rig and read the information on it about what size wheels they have and what size tires they added to them is a great way to pick out your package. The gallery also shows the exact bolt size for your rig, and offers different wheel sizes available that will fit that bolt pattern. This is to make sure you are ordering the correct products, allowing no room for error.


2013 Ford F-150

The Anthem Gallery is one of the top notch ways to find the perfect wheel and tire package for your build. It gives you the opportunity to check out different builds, and find items that will work for yours too! It helps give enthusiasts inspiration and ideas for their next build!

2018 Toyota Tundra Blue

Show Off Your Rig

The Anthem Off-Road Gallery is a great way to show off your rig! Not only are you showing it off, but you’re giving other enthusiasts inspiration based off of your own build.  This also allows other enthusiasts with similar rigs to figure out their fitment based off of what you have! 


2007 GMC Sierra 1500

Value/Benefits Of A Wheel And Tire Package

A wheel and tire package is a huge benefit to you! It allows you to pick out the perfect wheel and tire setup while getting a package-rate discount along with free mounting, balancing, and shipping. This saves you so much time and money to focus on your build, instead of worrying about lugging around your wheels and tires to find a place to mount and balance them. Save money and package your wheels and tires, so you can get back to that enthusiast lifestyle!

2015 Toyota Tundra Black Lifted

Did you know we offer financing options for your build? It doesn't matter if you're just picking up a new set of wheels or creating a whole wheel and tire package along with a suspension kit. Instead of shelling out a ton of money at once, you can break that total into low monthly payments.

Interested in what our gallery is all about? Click here to check it out!  Upload your rig, help out others, and find the best fitment and modifications for your rig!

You could finish your build for less than you spend on gas each month!

2018 Ram 2500 Silver

You don't need to have a perfect credit score to finance your build or even a credit score at all! Just select a lender at checkout to get started!

On top of that, you could get as low as 0% APR and even pay off your balance early with no penalty. Put some more money in your pocket and get that build finished!



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