It's Here! The NEW Anthem Off-Road Equalizer 18x10

February 1, 2022


The wheel you have all been waiting for is finally here! The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer now comes in 18x10, just like you asked for!





About the Equalizer


The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer has been a fan favorite for a long time. Not only does this wheel look good on your truck, but it holds up with nice strength and durability. The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer is a one-piece alloy wheel that features hidden lugs.


These rugged 7-spoke wheels are sure to elevate the look of your build and are available in many different sizes, now including 18x10. Some might ask, why the Equalizer? Well, the Equalizer is the #1 selling wheel in the Anthem Off-Road lineup and is even loved by our team members who are running them on their trucks.



 anthem 18x10



Anthem Equalizer 18x10-24


We are so excited to announce that the Anthem Off-Road Equalizer is now available in a size of 18x10, and you guys have been begging for this wheel! This aggressive wheel may just be the next best thing for your rig. Why choose this wheel specifically? Well, the Anthem Equalizer 18x10-24 holds the Equalizer spoke design, look, and feel, while still offering a deep lip design.



anthem equalizer wheel



Having this extra lip is nice because it not only makes the wheel look better, but the whole wheel and tire setup looks more put together and gives just the right amount of dimension to the wheel. The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer 18x10 offers a slightly deeper lip than the 18x9, so now you have more options of what to put on your truck.



18x10 equalizer



The 18” wheel expands Equalizer's functional size offerings as the lineup currently offers sizes as large as 20x12. The Anthem Off-Road Equalizer 18x10 wheel not only has better off-road performance but also helps enable more stability within the wheel so your truck is ready for anything.


Not to mention, this wheel is the first 18x10 in our entire lineup! It's also the first 18” lineup with a -24 offset. This wheel is perfect for all off-roading adventures like trail riding, desert exploring, and so much more. Don't wait and finish your build today with a new set of Anthem Off-Road Equalizers in 18x10-24 and get back to off-roading with style.



18x10 equalizer




Now that you got to see and learn all about the Anthem Equalizer 18x10 wheel, what are you waiting for? This wheel is hands-down the fan favorite of the Anthem wheel lineup. Check out the Anthem Off-Road Equalizer 18x10 -24 and pair it with some tires at the link below! Remember, we offer free mount and balance with tire packaging, and you could get as low as 0% APR and pay off your balance early with no penalty!


For the Anthem Equalizer 18x10 -24 in gloss black, click HERE!

For the Anthem Equalizer 18x10 -24 in black milled, click HERE!









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