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Our Story - Anthem Off-Road

They say you can define a man by the company he keeps. The people he spends time with likely have similar values and are willing to stand up and fight for the same things. So how do you choose a company? Do you do it based on what others will think of you, or show off how much money you can spend? Probably not, because you would have stopped reading by now. Let me tell you about Anthem Off-Road Wheels.

Anthem Off-Road Wheels was founded in 2013 by a few friends from Midwest America. They were fed up with what they saw in the wheel industry and how companies treated customers. They knew there had to be a better way to do it and made it a point to break as many industry standards as possible in the process.

A small team was assembled and the crew worked with real wheel customers to design unique wheels that looked amazing. Looking good wasn't enough, the wheels needed to perform on and off-road, in the dirt, towing, and survive the abuse many owners put their vehicles through getting to a campsite, hunting spot, or favorite fishing hole.

The Anthem Off-Road leadership made contact with wheel manufacturers all over the world and worked deals with some of the factories that make the OEM wheels you get on your vehicle from the factory thus affording Anthem Off-Road the trust that every wheel will exceed customer expectations.

One of Anthem Off-Road's primary objectives has always been to provide the highest quality wheels at the most affordable prices. So, we made it a point to sell direct-to-consumer and through extremely exclusive partnerships with SD Wheel, Mr. Wheel Deal, and Custom Offsets. Doing so minimizes distribution cost and streamlines inventory which, in turn, allows us to provide significant savings on superior off-road wheels to the customer.

Anthem Off-Road's headquarters is just outside Chicago, IL which allows this 100% American owned company to employ some of the hardest working Americans in the country. Our distribution center sits alongside SD Wheel which opens access to just about every major tire manufacturer and allows us to offer free mounting and balancing on all wheel and tire packages. In addition, our customers in the lower 48 states also enjoy free shipping.

Anthem Off-Road has also forged partnerships with some of the most trusted and respected suspension manufacturers which makes us the one-stop-shop for your vehicle. Need some extra insurance for your new investment, our No Questions Asked Replacement Plan is exactly what it sounds like and allows you to replace wheels with no questions asked.

Worried about picking out wheels, tires, or suspension online? We've got you covered with our fitment gallery. This collection of modified vehicles of all years, makes, and models will allow you to browse through to find the exact look you need for your vehicle.

The Anthem Gallery is also where we collect images to feature on our social media feeds so when you add your vehicle to the gallery, you are guaranteed an opportunity to show off your work on our YouTube channel, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Tik Tok feeds.

Whether you need wheels, tires, suspension, TPMS, lugs, cleaning products, ceramic coating, wheel spacers, shirts, hats, or decals we've got you covered and are honored to present the amazing customer experience you've been looking for in a wheel company.

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