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What is a Brand Ambassador & how does it work?

An Anthem Ambassador is a sponsored individual who believes in the Anthem name and our wheel collection. This program allows you to receive a discount on your Anthem wheels and also showcase the products you recommend to your followers. You can do this through any social media category, and earn points back on recommendations made by you. These referrals can be word of mouth, over social media, or another unique avenue to garner more traffic.

Continue to grow your traffic and you will be automatically entered into a VIP Influencer status with the ability to earn points on qualifying purchases even faster!


Sponsorships and Benefits

Once your sponsorship proposal has been approved, you will become an Anthem Ambassador. In addition to your percentage off of Anthem wheels, you receive benefits as an Anthem Ambassador as well. You receive points back per referral. Points equal money back. It's that easy! The Anthem Ambassador program gives you a sponsorship deal and also puts the ball in your court. The more you can promote and the more active you are, the more you will get back in rewards. There is no cap limit and no marketing requirements.

It's up to you to grow your audience and referrals and get people to click your name at checkout. VIP influencers will be awarded an exclusive vanity URL for faster checkout.

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